8 WordPress Plugins to Install on Your Blog

What are the main WordPress plugins for insurance blogs with the latest? Hard to say, there is such a variety of extensions that it becomes impossible to give a clear definition of what you can choose.

This is a step you need to take care of. Because, as fascinating as the world of extensions may seem, the abuse of components can lead to several problems.

Already, adding a plugin on WordPress means weighing down the portal with unnecessary strings for loading the resource. And just take a look at Google’s Pagespeed Insight to understand that often the steps to be solved to speed up the blog are linked to the presence of extensions.

Can we do without it? It depends, in many cases adding certain WordPress blog plugins is superfluous. Why install an add-on to add the Google Analytics code? It only takes a few steps to do this, the plugin is useless. But in others, however, the presence of these elements becomes vital. A concrete example? I leave you eight, all decisive for me.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 Akismet, the Wp antispam par excellence
  • 2 WordPress SEO by Yoast, to optimize
  • 3 Elementor, create your landing pages
  • 4 Check with Broken Link Checker
  • 5 Redirection, for making redirects
  • 6 Contact form 7 to receive emails
  • 7 Wp Rocket to speed up the site
  • 8 Ultimate shortcode, transform the blog
  • 9 Best WordPress Blog Plugins

Akismet, the Wp antispam par excellence

You can give up a lot, but not a good filter to avoid unwanted comments from arriving. This phenomenon is unstoppable, there will always be bots and users with bad intentions towards your comments. For this, it is imperative to have a good WordPress plugin to help you solve.

The decisive name? Akismet, for me, is the best WordPress plugin for blocking spam. It integrates with your blog, is trouble-free, and always works. Even by focusing on machine learning: she doesn’t have to repeat the instructions twice to block inappropriate comments.

WordPress SEO by Yoast, to optimize

Don’t look at me badly, SEO buddy. I know you are hostile to traffic lights and the rules imposed by this WordPress blog plugin. But look at the other side of the coin: with this extension, you have a set of essential tools to optimize your project for search engines.

WordPress SEO by Yoast, perfect for SEO.

Why is this plugin not to be missed? You can change the Google meta tags in a moment, from title to description. You can also define which archives to leave indexed and manage the author and date taxonomies. Then there are the options for social previews. In short, it is not a trivial add-on.

Elementor, create your landing page

WordPress is great CMS But to create landing pages takes a lot more, so I recommend the excellent Elementor plugin.

It’s a good example of a page builder for generating landing pages by dragging blocks or uploading ready-made templates. It has an interesting free version and a full-paid version.

Check with Broken Link Checker

You can also work with other SEO tools on this front, that’s right. But for sure Broken Link Checker solves a big problem that can make a difference in terms of usability and user experience. I’m talking about periodic checking for broken links. With this tool everything becomes automatic.

The plugin periodically scans the links and identifies the ones that are no longer responding. This way you can eliminate the ones that don’t work and always keep the quality of the pages high. Yes, this too must be considered in the overall balance of the blog.

Redirection, to do redirects

An indispensable plugin only for those who, like me, are unable to better manage the technical aspects of a blog. Now, you know that a 404 error is not necessarily a problem if the deleted resource does not bring traffic and inbound links. But in other cases, it is crucial to work with 301 redirects. Do you know how to operate on this front? If the answer is no, you can fearlessly install the plugin in question.

So you enjoy the convenience of an extension that asks you only the departure page (the route one) and the arrival page to do the redirection. Then choose the status which by default is set to 301 and you have your redirect. Without forgetting that you can also vary the condition and define, for example, a 410.

Contact Form 7 to receive emails

When you want to have contacts and turn the blog into a resource to get the inbound marketing process, you have to respect a decisive point: to get messages. That is to say emails with different requests, from job opportunities to simple general information.

How is this achieved? With one of the main WordPress plugins for blogs: Contact Form 7. This reality is one of the most requested and used to insert a contact form on a web page. It works simply and immediately: you create the form, generate the shortcode, and insert it wherever you want.

Wp Rocket to speed up the site

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid the presence of a plugin to manage the more delicate aspects of optimizing the loading of the pages of your WordPress blog. On the other hand, the alternatives are many. I, in this case, use Wp Rocket which gives me complete control over the cache. This allows me to create an ideal experience for those looking for my work resources. Even from mobile.

Ultimate short code, transform the blog

I put this name on the list of the best WordPress blog plugins. The reason for this decision is clear: it represents the best solution (in my opinion) in the extensions directory if you want a good list of additional items to apply on the blog. I’m talking about:

  • Buttons.
  • Accordion.
  • Tab.
  • Columns.
  • Box.

If you want to transform your way of blogging and always have everything at your fingertips this is the useful plugin. Because it gives you the possibility to add with a few clicks what you need to organize publications and improve the readability of your posts, but also of fixed pages.

The best WordPress blog plugins

Here you will find what, in my opinion, are the extensions for bloggers that should not be missing on a well-structured project. There are dozens of applications that can solve specific and generic problems. But this is the starting point that you cannot ignore when you decide to start your adventure as a small online publisher. Do you agree? Do you want to add ideas?

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