Professional Year Program Accounting And Its Eligibility Criteria

A professional year program accounting (PYP) is a job training scheme for overseas students who graduated from Australian universities. So this is a job oriented program where students get necessary practical training for working in Australia. This accounting internship Adelaide program consists of learning business communication skills and having an internship that helps get practical experience and be familiar with the Australian work culture.

Elements Of Professional Year Program 

The PYP or Professional year program is a ten-month course that is only available in accountancy, engineering and Information technology. Professional Year Program Australia must be taken by all graduates who wish to take up a job and apply to live permanently in Australia.

So this program allows fresh graduates to learn relevant skills and prepare them to be a part of the skilled Australian workforce.

Theory Elements

So There is a 32-week workshop, seminar, and study provided by accredited education facilities to help know about the work culture, work relations, and developing business skills in Australia. A student also learns about various interview procedures and build up their resumes.

Practical Elements 

So There is a twelve-week unpaid internship with a host organisation to gain in-hand experience of the Australian work culture and get training relevant to the industry.

Evaluating Provisional Skills 

The criteria for provisional skill assessment for subclass 485 visa undergraduate workstream are:

  • Comparability of degrees: one needs to hold an Australian bachelor’s degree or 13 unit master degree of Australia in accounting or similar fields like commerce, economics or business
  • Areas of competency: one needs to complete necessary competency areas relevant to nominated occupations.
  • Proficiency in the English language: one must experience that they have met the English language proficiency requirement.

Evaluating Permanent Skills 

The criteria for permanent skills are:

  • Degree comparability: one needs to have an Australian Bachelor’s degree or a 12 unit Australian master’s degree or even an overseas tertiary/professional membership qualification comparable to the level of a Bachelor’s degree in Australia.
  • Areas of competency: one needs to complete all the required competency areas applicable to the nominated occupation.
  • Proficiency in the English language: One must prove that one meets the English language proficiency requirement.

Overseas Qualification 

To evaluate the general education level of overseas tertiary and qualification of professional members, one needs to follow the guidelines of CEP (Country Education Profile), Department of Education, Australian Government, and the skills and Employment. The Professional Year Program Accounting studies need to be considered from associate members listed on CEP compared to an Australian bachelor’s degree framework.

If one is not a full member of a personal accounting body listed on CEP, then an Australian higher education award Level 7 will be needed to apply.

Advantages Of Professional Year Program 

There are some few advantages of a professional year program, some of them are-

  • Gain five points towards the applied permanent residency application
  • To know details about the Australian work culture
  • Gain experience and training that is relevant to the Australian work industry
  • Develop business communication skills and improve interview skills
  • To build a network with peers and professionals in the industry
  • To improve career prospects with a certificate in a professional year program

Required Eligibility 

The eligibility criteria for the professional year program is:

  • A graduate or post-graduate program from an Australian university
  •  The age needs to be between 18 to 45 years
  • Has applied or held a subclass 485 temporary residence visa that is valid for 12 months
  • Needs to provide proof for proficiency in the English language

Requirements For English Test 

The English language is an important requirement for all applicants to the program. There are no exemptions, but the applicants will be evaluated based on the same evaluation criteria.

To ensure all the applicants are being evaluated, skill evaluation could differ from other English proficiency requirements that one could encounter in the visa application process.

Confirming Language Proficiency 

For confirming proficiency in the English language, one needs to provide evidence from one of the given providers are-

  • Cambridge English C1 advanced
  • Accounting Professional year program
  • PTE (Pearson Test of English)

Some institutions only accept English test results taken three years before applying for the skill assessment.

Documents To Be Provided With The Application 

The following documents need to be provided along with the application:

  • Evidence of name change
  • Current passport details if they are needed
  • Evidence of English proficiency requirement
  • The award’s title has to be stated along with the name of the university/institution, year of completion of the study and the achieved grade.
  • So all the subjects that were studied and the grades that were received have to be shown. If an exemption is granted, one must provide the academic transcript from the institution where the study was completed and what led to the exemption.

Many institutes do not offer unofficial academic transcripts. So if one holds an Australian or New Zealand qualification, they can share their degree documents and transcript using the MYeQuals service.

  • An accounting professional year qualification is needed that should not only include a membership certificate, exam results/mark sheets, a letter from a professional accounting body and a degree certificate/academic transcript.
  • The documents in languages other than English need to be accompanied by an English translation done by a legitimate translator.
  • One needs to include the original word document and the translated document with the application.
  • One also needs to provide a course description for a non-accredited Australian and overseas degree that has-
  1. Details of subject contents of every unit that corresponds with the academic record that is needed for competency areas
  2. The name of the university or institution and the date of the syllabus need to appear on every page.
  3. Course information needs to apply to the time while completing studies.
  4. If information is available on the internet, one needs to print the course outline from the website.

Associate With A Professional Year Accounting Course 

So there are several benefits for overseas accounting graduates or those who have yet to graduate if they wish to enrol in a professional year accounting program. This will make it easier to get accounting jobs in the country and receive permanent residency in Australia.