Why OTT Platforms Call For Digital Marketers?

Entertainment is everywhere in today’s era. Everyone needs a dose of entertainment to feel fresh and active all the time, especially during the Covid-19 times. The trend of on-demand entertainment has become popular. On-demand entertainment has replaced movies and other sources of entertainment. As it is the time for on-demand entertainment, more and more users are finding access to customized or personalized content on their smart devices like TVs, mobiles, laptops, iPads, etc. we can also see the popularity of on-demand entertainment on many social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Connected , etc.

This is why OTT platforms have reached top-level as people all over the world, especially in India have adopted this trend to a higher extent. Last year, there has been an increase in the number of users streaming series and movies on different OTT platforms. There are lots of OTT apps having an immense user base of over 300 million users.

The need for digital marketers

As the demand for content on such OTT platforms has increased, this is where the role of digital marketers comes into existence. There is a need for the deployment of digital marketing strategies. Subscription-based models are chosen by OTT platforms so that users need to pay when it comes to enjoying ad or interruption-free content. These platforms have given users a chance to select the type of content they want to watch without any interference or breaks.

Considering this trend, digital marketers are in greater demand so that they can implement some effective digital marketing strategies, directing the right audience towards OTT platforms. These platforms enabledigital advertising by highlighting which ads need to be shown to whom.

Necessary elements to consider

Various crucial elements of these platforms include content, digital platforms, content curators, and consumers as well. Read in detail:

  • Content strategy

On-time entertainment platformshave given importance to content, appealing to a huge consumerbase instead of creating niche content. Original content is what they consider to getting views. Content creators are making efforts to focus on regional content so that the region-specific audiences can be targeted.

  • Branding

Having a unique online presence is important for every business. Branding needs to be considered. OTT platforms should keep themselves active on various social media sites or apps like Connected, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Using these social media platforms can make their users updated about the latest trends. Now, most of the OTT platforms have started using the service of telecom providers to provide attractive offers, increasing their customer base greatly.

  • Monetization

These platforms must rethink their approach to target a broader audience. They must consider different monetization approaches to attract a huge audience, including membership-based, freemium, substance-based, or commercial-based.

The money spent on digital marketing has risen in the last year. As data consumption on smartphones has boosted, this is why the mobile marketing spend will go higher than 132 billion INR in 2021.

So, OTT platforms must emphasize the latest techniques of digital marketing with the help of digital marketers, providing unique and quality content to users after tracking what the audience demands or prefers.

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