TPL Auto and accidents abroad: who to contact for compensation?

Suppose we have an accident while we are abroad, in one of the countries that fall under the Green Card System. In that case, we can request compensation against the agent appointed in Europen Country by the foreign insurance company that insures the vehicle responsible for the accident.

Compensate the damage caused by the circulation of your vehicle to third parties. That’s is the primary mission of TPL auto, which operates in the insured and the author of the accident. The latter is protected within limits established by a ceiling.

It is possible to take out a third-party liability insurance policy in your name even if you do not own the vehicle. In this case, however, the bonus-malus class present on the risk certificate refers to the car owner and not to the policyholder. The policyholders can change from one year to another and can always take advantage of the bonus-malus class referring to the vehicle owner, as long as this remains unchanged.

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Accidents abroad: how to do it?

If an accident in Europe is caused by a vehicle registered abroad, a letter must be sent to the UCI to request compensation for the damage suffered. The UCI will communicate the name of the company in charge of liquidating the damage.

But what happens if you suffer an accident abroad caused by a vehicle with a foreign license plate? Who should we contact to get compensation for the damage? The Ives is responsible for answering the questions, communicating to motorists the procedure to follow in road accidents registered beyond national borders.

Suppose the accident occurs during a trip abroad, in one of the countries covered by the Green Card System, and is caused by a vehicle with a foreign license plate and insured in one of the states of the European Economic Area. In that case, the claim must be made against the agent appointed in Europe by the foreign insurance company insuring the vehicle responsible for the accident. To know both the name and the agent’s address, a request must be sent to Consap.

The foreign insurance company responsible for the accident can also be contacted – the Institute for Insurance Supervision reports – or, if the accident occurred in one of the countries adhering to the Green Card system and is caused by a vehicle registered in one of the countries of the Green Card System.

 But not part of the European Economic Area, the request for compensation can be addressed to the National Bureau of the State where the accident occurred if the vehicle that caused the damage is registered in a different state compared to that of the event.

How to find the foreign vehicle insurer with the registration number?

To trace the foreign insurer of the vehicle responsible for the accident if only the registration number is known and identify the agent appointed in a European country by this insurer to settle claims, you must write to Consap.

The request must indicate all the elements that make it possible to trace the parties concerned: date and place of occurrence of the accident; details of the vehicles involved (license plate of the car responsible for the accident, nationality, insurance company of the vehicle responsible for the accident, if known).

At this point, Consap will collect all useful information from the foreign Information Center and respond to the interested party, indicating the name of the agent to whom one should contact to manage and settle the claim.

What are the timelines?

The foreign insurer or the agent appointed in Europe has three months to respond to the request for compensation

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