Stylish Ways to Allow RTA Kitchen Cabinets to Mark a Difference in the Kitchen Décor


RTA shaker cabinets have come of age as one of the highest quality cabinetries of time. Their utilitarian value coupled with superb aesthetic appeal are what make them an extremely talked about kitchen feature. Besides, its hard to forget how versatile they are. An essential element for stylish storage, the shaker RTA cabinets can soon turn out to be the jewel in your space.

If you are thinking of introducing RTA shaker kitchen cabinets to your home, we have some remodelling ideas for you. Check them out now:

Work it out with unique shades

If you want to enliven your kitchen space, the most you can do is play with colours. It gives the space a character of its own. Supposedly you have got RTA white shaker kitchen cabinets yet you want to introduce some colours to the space, what will you do? You will bring in shaker cabinets in different shades. Most manufacturers are offering shaker cabinets in various bold shades including emerald, black and navy. However, if there is a perfect shade that you have fallen for, we will suggest you get them painted.

Add the open shelving

Open shelves are extremely popular these days. they save space and are trending these days. The open shelving designs are commonplace in farmhouse and rustic kitchens. They can also be found in modern cooking spaces. When you mix and match the shelves with shaker rta cabinets, make sure the latter is positioned a little lower. As you add shelves to the top of shaker cabinets you automatically create an optical illusion of space. With these shelves located above, it becomes easier to flaunt knick-knacks and dinnerware. You can choose between white shaker cabinets and those that are colourful. For example, you can complement white shaker kitchen with shelves that have a vase or porcelainware in contrasting colours.

Go for much cleaner and modern looks

When you want to style up your wholesale rta cabinets remember to keep the designs as modern as possible by embracing cleaner designs that arebeautiful. These shaker cabinets are simplistic and unfussy which make them an absolutely fantastic option for modern kitchens. Pair them up with uncluttered countertops that offer minimalism. The look is ideal when you have a white kitchen in the house. We will suggest you go for a combination of colours between white upper shaker cabinets and dark coloured lower cabinets. If the island is located a little far from the cabinets, make it stand out by introducing island cabinets in darker shades, something different from the existing cabinetry. Colours like grey or chocolate are perfect to add to the combination. We will suggest you work it out with neutral tops, floors and walls which make the colours come alive.

An unforgettable look to cast a great impact

An emerging trend in kitchen designs is to cast a long-lasting impression. With unique pieces you can transform an ordinary kitchen into a happening space. One way of doing this is by adding cabinets that go up to the ceiling. They help transform an entire pantry into that one specialised storage area that’s also stunning to look at. With shaker doors the cabinets are supposed to bring in a dramatic look.

White is your favourite colour

Even though colourful shaker cabinets are making a mark in the industry its hard to simply overrule how white still manages to win the confidence of most householders. The white kitchens are supposed to stay in style and if you are thinking of introducing them to your kitchen, we are sure the popular colour is going to give your cooking space an edge over other areas of the house. White invites light and makes even the smallest of kitchens appear spacious. That’s probably why white shaker cabinets will always be in style.


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