Sig P365 vs P365 XL Short Guide

Slightly larger than its little twin, the Sig P365, the XL Sig P365 remains the most effective 9mm concealed carry handgun available right now.

This is not to say that the P365 or the XL is perfect.

When it comes to grip length, Sig P365 has an advantage over both of these rifles.

Different sizes allow you to employ them for a variety of purposes in your concealed carry armory.

There is also a big variation in weight.

A two-and-a-half-ounce difference in weight is due to the Sig P365XL’s ability to hold two more rounds of ammunition.

Overall Ergonomics of The Sig P365 and The P365 Xl:

1. Frame:

When comparing the Sig P365 and P365 XL, the only variation is the length of the grips. 

A flush-fit magazine for the Sig P365xl adds two more rounds, making the grip a little over half an inch longer.

Sig P365XL and Sig P365 share the same magazine body, hence the longer Sig P365 can use Sig P365XL magazines.

In addition to Sig’s standard 12- and 15-round magazine choices for the Sig P365, the 15-round magazines come with two different sleeve options, so you may choose the one most suited for your weapon.

These extensions are well-designed and ergonomic. In both the P365XL and the Sig P365, the 15-round magazine is too long and unattractive.

2. the Length of The Grip:

The undercut is one of the things Sig has nailed on these weapons. 

All of my fingers fit on the grip of the Sig P365XL, and I can get half of my pinky on the grip of the smaller Sig P365.

Not the front, but the back of these rifles is broken. Make a fist with your hand and notice how much lower your palm is than your fingers.

Your hands will very probably rest on top of or rest against the back of both the standard and XL Sig P365 models.

Wearing an IWB holster makes it easier to conceal a weapon than it is to do so when wearing the most comfortable Sig P365 Holster.

When it comes to concealment, a thin handgun like the Sig P365 or Sig P365XL can not be emphasized enough.

In most cases, the Sig P365’s backstrap grip includes sharp edges that may penetrate the flesh of your hands.

Despite the fact that it is annoying, this is not a dealbreaker. However, the backstrap of the Sig P365XL will still be able to fit your hand.

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The Sig redesigned the geometry of the XL frame’s grip area to make it more comfortable.

3. Texture:

Sig cannot be held responsible for the choice of texture on these weapons.

There is a rough surface at every angle of the grip, which helps to keep your hand in place.

Even if it may have been stronger, I believe Sig has struck a decent balance that will appeal to the most number of individuals.

With the P365 series, the slides are smaller, but still large enough to be easily handled.

Serrations on both the front and rear of the blades are offered for a variety of uses.

Parkerized texture on the slide makes it easier to hold on to, making it easier to slide down the track.

Since the Sig P365XL’s extra length avoids your hand from being directly in front of the firearm’s muzzle, it has a better safety record.

4. Sights:

It is impossible to see the difference between the Sig P365 and P365XL while using the stock sights. The Sig P365 comes with three distinct sight choices.

Three-dot painted sights are available for various firearms; Siglite night sights are the most popular for the P365, while Meprolight bullseye sights are available for the SAS model.

The P365 XL may only be purchased with the Siglite night sights at this time.

5. Quality:

Both of these firearms are of the same quality. In the $500-$600 bracket, you would expect a gun to have both. 

If you are looking for a replacement for the grip modules, you will not have a problem.


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