Guide to do TomTom XXL update

TomTom XXL is a company that develops GPS (global positioning system) programs in devices for vehicles, handsets, tablets, etc. It is a company that manufactures devices having GPS technology for navigation purposes. It provides you with the most precise and accurate geolocation for GPS, tracking, and navigation. By providing you with the latest maps and routes of wherever you wish to travel, TomTom XXL update makes your drive much more convenient and easy.


The company is dedicated to connecting the globe with the latest geolocation technology. They have specialized in it for many years. They are not only providing this latest technology but also trying to solve issues like road accidents and traffic congestion. In order to make driving as safe and sound as possible, they are making devices for challenges like road accidents.

They are trying to innovate as much as possible in different fields of traveling and mobilizing. Road accidents have become a major problem in recent years due to the increase in rates. The TOM TOM device keeps you informed about the latest updates on the road you are traveling on. For example- How much traffic you will see within some kilometers, or Are there any schools or hospitals near it, where there is usually a lot of rush.

In addition, we’ll recommend ways to reduce fuel emissions on drives, wherever possible, in order to be environmentally friendly. It always provides you with the latest updates on the current map situation, but to get this updated version requires manual installation by the user.


This latest technology device is a 5-inch widescreen navigator and GPS. Its maps incorporate the technology to instantly rename changing routes and streets. The device also collaborates with mobile phones and shares information about maps via Bluetooth. Among the device’s components are a speaker, USB port, and internal lithium-ion battery. It is basically designed for truck drivers and includes truck–specialized software and maps.

For better functioning and performance, it needs to be updated regularly as described earlier.


A device can be updated with this update on every device you use. However, the device must be connected to the user’s laptop or another device from which the update process needs to be completed. Follow some basic steps to update your TomTom device STEPS to UPDATE

1-    The very first step is to open the TOM TOM website-

2-    Now log into the website.

3-    There will be an option available for updating the TOM TOM device, click on the option of updating TomTom device.

4-    A list will appear on the screen of available devices that can be updated.

5- Choose or select the device that requires updating.

6- Now that the device has been selected to be updated, you can select the option to update.

7-    The installation will proceed with the installation of an OK button. Click it to continue.

8-    In addition, it provides you with a second option to verify if you are updating the right device or not as there will be a Done button after clicking the OK button. Click the Done button to confirm you wish to continue with the update of the same device.

There are a few steps to TOM TOM XXL Update, and they aren’t that complicated. In just a few easy steps, the user can receive the latest information on every map, and notifications about the newest routes and passages. After it has been updated, the device will provide smooth operation with the latest improvements that have been made to it. GPS technology becomes more advanced with each update. The moment this device is updated, it incorporates new features and operates smoothly. These updates and features will be sure to make your drive safer and more convenient. Any mistakes made by older versions will be corrected as soon as the device is updated.

Frequently asked questions :

  • Does the TomTom XXL update have to be done at regular intervals?

To be precise on this statement not on regular intervals but whenever you will see that there are any updates available for the device.

  • How will I be informed about the update?

Whenever these updates arrive the notification is shown on your device about the same. Hence by following the above steps you can easily update your device.

  • Is the update available for free?

The updates for TOM TOM devices are free as well as paid for some, it is suggested to check the updates regarding it on the official website.

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