QuickBooks error 15101

Advancements in technology have brought about various changes in how we do business. Gone are those days where we relied on manual accounts and calculators to do accountancy tasks. Now, the entire business accounting process is automated, thanks to Intuit. QuickBooks, being developed by Intuit is one of the most fascinating accounting, book-keeping, and financial software that handles almost every aspect of the business. QuickBooks error 15101

With an easy user-friendly interface, easy accessibility, regular updates, and on-time technical assistance, the user shares a great time on the software. But, when you use software, facing technical glitches is a part of it and you can’t get rid of it. QuickBooks error 15101 is one of the common errors and it is not too difficult to get rid of it. Follow the steps mentioned below, and you will have a fantastic time using the software.

It is a payroll Error

This is an occurrence that occurs in your payroll usability. As you update the payroll settings, you will witness the error box popping on the screen. It indicates that you cannot update your QuickBooks services and the message comes in the box. You will also notice that you are unable to perform different functions, also it automatically closes the software.

Now, as you notice something unusual has been happening while you are using the software, it is time you take a step ahead and get rid of it. These errors may trouble you when using the software, but Intuit has provided us ways to resolve them.

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What causes the error?

Digital signature certificate: This one is often overlooked, but is needed for your QuickBooks software. It ensures the security of your Internet connection as well as your data. If by any chance it gets corrupted, or not installed properly, you will be required to do so. Otherwise, you will be facing error 15101 constantly.

Internet Issues: Internet setting if gets stuck into something or complicated might trouble you with using the software. A proper internet connection will ensure all the payroll-related downloaded is done systematically. And there won’t be any problems related to the error code 15101 anymore.

Exe unfunctional: QBWebconnector.exe is a very important program, it helps to connect you to the Intuit website through a secured, very systematic connection. You can safely update and download the details when necessary. If it is not functional, or running effectively, you will run across these errors.

How can you get rid of it?

Check your Firewall Settings

Firewalls, antivirus settings are pretty much a shield, a protection from viruses and other harmful security breaches to your system. Although, the job of it is to keep your device protected and away from harmful malware issues. But it also somehow affects you from using your software especially when there are updates to make.

It acts as a shield from unwanted access and application and also considers QuickBooks services as a part of it. Therefore, anytime you download something, you will be notified of the error on the screen. For having this cut off, you need to change the setting of your firewall and anti-virus applications.

Installing Digital Signature

  • In the start menu, look out for QBW32.exe and then go to the location C:\\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks.
  • Now, right-click on your program files and then choose properties
  • In that, you can select the digital signature tab
  • In that, you need to click on Intuit Inc. from the list that displays 
  • For now, you need to select details and, in the window, you can select for View Certificate
  • Click on the installation: Certificate
  • There will be steps displayed on the screen, follow that and you will see your installation setup done on time
  • Once installed, restart your device and retry to updating your QuickBooks.

QuickBooks in Safe Mode

If you figure out both the options mentioned above didn’t work out, you can move ahead with this one. Restart your QuickBooks software in safe mode. In this mode, your device runs on using minimum servers and only a few programs are required for Windows software to run.

Once you are in the safe mode, click on QuickBooks, enter into it, and if you still see your software not responding. It is an indication that your software is severe injuries due to some complications. You need to resolve the error through your workstations. If not, considering approaching a technical support team who can help you get rid of it.


You are completely aware of how to use the software, plus you can get rid of the error 15101. With that, you can proceed ahead and try to figure out resolving it by any of the steps mentioned above. You will certainly see the difference and how the error is resolved through it too.

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