We all know that it is exceptionally important to move to the top. That is why we have explorers who walk like deorators – Chandrashila. On a path like Nag Tibba at the end of the week, you will be able to enjoy the culmination!

Garhwal Himalayan Nag Tibba’s highest point is 9915 feet and the most remarkable. The most remarkable. From here are seen snow-covered territories, such as Swargrohini, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, and Srikantha. In the north, you can see peak Kedarnath, doon valley, and the snow tops of Changabang. Walking around this weekend is really excellent with perspectives and moving in order to get you there.

On one side of the mountain, and then again, you also experience various scenes. Thick woods, opening and edge are walking around. Two days inside!
The moderately dark route near Mussoorie is ideal for those in Delhi and the region of the public capitals who need to have a weekend experience at foot. This excursion is great for amateurs to take a prolog to the travel scene.

Dusk see camp 

This is one of only a handful few streets we need to watch an incredible nightfall. That is the reason this way resembles this. On a bright day, you can see the enormous mountains covered by the sky, for example, Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Kalanag, Srikanth, and Gangotri enlightened by the shade of red hot orange. Beneath you, there is a cloud drifting bed. To see this nightfall, you don’t have to go up to tallness. From your camp, you can see it accurately! 

Follow to Bhatwadi Village 

The present Tibba Nag culmination is a difficult day. You start down to a town called Bhatwadi when you arrive at the top. This is a lovely course. You enter cleaning called “Moriana” for 60 minutes, where from one viewpoint there is a stream and then again you can see some shepherd cottages. The timberland encompasses this spot. 

The way goes through lovely woods cover from here, which streams along the waterway. You are baffled that the delightful path closes when you enter the ranch following an hour or more. 

How long does Nag Tibba track? 

Nag Tibba journey broadens over 2 days for 16 km. This implies that on the two days you will cover a normal of 8 km over 6 hours. 

This is the ideal Nag tibba trek, on account of its brief distance combined with a most extreme stature of 9,914 feet above NY. Show and course scene ensure you have time on target! 

How might I get from Delhi to Tibba Nag? 

Tibba Nag can be accomplished by open transportation from Delhi through Dehradun. 

Transports and prepares are running frequently from Delhi to Dehradun. Book a Dehradun ticket in Nanda Devi Express or Shatabdi Express on the off chance that you need to go via train. Try not to arrange tickets for old deferrals in Mussoorie Express. 

From the Kashmir Isbt Delhi entryway, you can likewise take a transport to Dehradun. The excursion takes around 7-8 hours and expenses around the clinic. 700 for tickets on the AC transport from Volvo. 

We will organize transportation from the Grand Legacy Hotel, Dehradun to Camp Base Nag Tibba, Panhwari in the event that you have enrolled with Tibba Nag with Indiaiks. 

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How hard is the Tibba Nag traveling? 

Trouble Nag Tibba is simple moderate. For novices, families and kids, walk the ideal end of the week. The most extreme stature is 9914 feet and the landscape is reformist, except for some precarious parts. 

All things considered, it was as yet the Himalayan track with field issues, temperature and climate issues. The correct laying and wellness with the correct stuff ensure you can travel well. 

You are free to drive alone and arrive at the headquarters. To get to the headquarters. Ensure you make instructions on schedule. Your chief’s experience will help you plan this accurately after you register for an excursion. 

The generally simple course along the mountain makes this first ideal excursion. Deodar’s thick woods covered the slope and the best season to visit comes from February to June and from September to December. In the idea of Tibba, the course is round and different beginning and end focuses guarantee that there is no cover. Taken cover behind them shrouded the ripe glade, which goes about as a tranquil setting up camp base.

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