Ecommerce strategies: how to prepare for Black Friday 2021

lack Friday 2021: undoubtedly an opportunity for many people who have preferred to save to finally be able to afford that product or service they have long wanted. 

Probably for e-commerce, black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer two moments to be feared as in the past since, during the hot months of the pandemic, they had to cope with much greater demand than the actual supply.

The production and distribution line had to be reorganized, so now let’s say that you arrive much better prepared for the most “obvious” moment of the year.

There have always been two levers that have been exploited for black Friday: 

  • Take advantage of the discount now, tomorrow there will be no more;
  • Make your Christmas presents early.

But as we well know, the strategies for e-commerce, especially in 2021, can absolutely no longer be the same. 

Now we must certainly leverage two other concepts: 

  • Take advantage of this hour’s discount ; 
  • Make your purchases now and avoid virtual lines.

And yes, because if the two months of the pandemic, in which we all stayed indoors without going out, have taught us something, if there is a surplus of questions and that can create even online famous “queues” can be made. 

That’s is what the average consumer wants to know today: he wants the certainty that if he buys on your e-commerce, he won’t have to wait to receive his product. 

When we talk about the shopping experience, this is what we mean: 

  • People who buy on our site must feel pampered and thought – this is especially true for the email marketing strategies we do after the purchase;
  • People who make their purchases on our e-commerce must be sure of receiving that product before others or at the same time as others.

Here, let’s keep these two concepts in mind, and we will be able to face this stressful and challenging period that awaits us.

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Black Friday 2021: when and how to prepare

Black Friday 2021 is November 27th, so it’s time to start preparing. 

But where to start? In this article on the online magazine business gentleman. The article E-COMMERCE AND BLACK FRIDAY: THE SEVEN STRATEGIES TO CONQUER THE ONLINE SHOPPERS exposes seven e-commerce strategies to keep in mind for Black Friday and the consequent Cyber ​​Monday, which have been of great inspiration to me to write this article. 

The key to everything today is personalization: 

  • Personalize offers;
  • Personalize emails;
  • Customize the home of your e-commerce.

Today the offer can no longer remain generic; we must focus on making a purchase experience that is ever more unique in the eyes of those who visit our site. 


The wish lists. These, too, should be created customized based on the category in which our user has shown interest. I’m talking about what comes back to e-commerce for the second time. 

The offers. We no longer talk about the time that is running out but rather focus on the fact that there is a new offer every hour. In this way, we will give the natural feeling of time that escapes our user/audience/target. Furthermore, the latter will be encouraged to return to our site, because he will think that there is always something new for him/her. 

L’ email marketing. Let’s get it on with our database. A database is an organized collection of structured data to easily accessible, manageable, and updatable. Put, and it can be said, a database in We create God’s Funnel. The Funnel (also known as a sales funnel or marketing funnel) is how companies guide customers in purchasing products—the emails that engage the curiosity of our audience/target. Let’s stimulate it with exciting content, write emails that speak exclusively of the sections for which single people or groups have shown interest. 

Blog, my dear blog, now more than ever, you are helpful to us. Let’s start now to prepare guides for choosing the gift, customized by sectors: 

  • Sport: what to give to a sports fan? – You can decline this title for all sub-categories of this vast sector. Crossfit, running, spinning, boxing, and so on;
  • Clothing: what to give to a Chiara Ferragni follower – You can decline the guide, addressing the article to all those who follow the note influencer
  • Makeup: what to give to a passionate of lipsticks, nail polishes, etc.;
  • Personal care: what to give to a fan of face creams, body creams;
  • Home care: what to give to those who have taken home alone – furniture items, paintings, carpets, funny objects;
  • Health: how to take advantage of Black Friday 2021 to give health products.

The ideas can be many, and it is not even said that they could not be realized even for the sectors that sell services. Discounts are convenient there too. 

Another helpful strategy concerns the free product: for each bought product, you can provide a free one. Maybe this may seem obvious or difficult to apply, but you can make sure that all those who spend more than 50 € have a free product; those who spend more than 70 € have two free products. 

In short, the higher the expense, the more prestigious the product you give as a gift. This technique is beautiful to buy. 

And how can we instead take advantage of social media for black Friday 2021?

Without social media, Black Friday and Cyber Monday would not be known. So use the power of social media; it will help you tremendously. For example, now there is Tik Tok which is still going great, with lots of new potential influencers to contact who can help you sponsor your product and not in a trivial way. 

For example, you can have your product sponsored during the trend of a dance or the direction of an act. 

Today, many guys use Tik Tok to make themselves known, and the rumor is moving much faster than before: don’t miss this opportunity. 

Use the hashtag .hashtag is a label for words or phrases typical of social networks. Help others interested in a topic quickly find content on that topic on social networks where you advertise or advertise your products; start now to talk about discounts, promotions, or perhaps pre-offers. 

The important thing is that you seriously start preparing yourself from now on. For example, to study the trends of the moment, to check your target.

There is a way to make this black Friday 2021 a success; you have to take advantage of all the insurance opportunities you have to your advantage. 

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