Significant Benefit & Drawbacks of The TPlink EAP110 Access Point

The TPlink EAP110 Access Point is used to increase the power of the network range. This is only made in white color. It transfers data in the ratio of 400 Megabits per second with the 802.11n wi-fi 2×2 MIMO technology speed. This is used in places where the internet network range is weak. So, this device is connected to the router to the extent of the network. It is used in big places to increase the power of the device.

This device can be secured by setting a new password and nobody’s quest cannot interfere in the access of the point. This access point is very convenient and it is easily available in every technological market. The product dimension is 30.51×23.91×7.49cm and the weight of this product is 250 Grams. The is used for the long courage of the with the speed of 560 MHz.

Product power voltage is 220 volts and the wattage of this product is 7.7 watts. http tplinkap net through this link we can register the IP address of this device and you can also download the mobile to control your access point. This is connected with a wire or can be connected with a wireless connection. Now, I will shed some light on the benefits of this device in the following lines. 

The Benefits of the TPlink EAP110 Access Point

There are various advantages of the TPlink access point. The following are;

Secure Guest range

In the setting of this device have an optional security password. So, we can set passwords according to their choice for the quest security. Through this, anybody cannot connect to the access point without permission.

Long-range Courage

This is connected with wifi and an Ethernet cable to connect the network. If your device is connected with the ethernet cable. So, your device won’t connect with the access point for long-range because the Ethernet cable is short and if your device is connected with the wifi. That’s why being connected is successful with long rage.

Centralized management

With the EAP controller software, they can easily manage this device because all the instructions are given on the courage card. If you follow all the instructions. So, you can easily manage this device.

Flexible placement

The placement of the TPlink EAP110 Access Point is very reliable. We can place it anywhere like on walls and ceilings for the connection. This is designed with this purpose for the attachment of the device.

Quality of service

The class wifi security helps to minimize the security network threats. It secures your video, picture, data application for a longer time. This product is mainly checked by the consumer. Despite having more advantages, it has some disadvantages, these are mentioned in the below lines.

The drawbacks of the TPlink EAP110 Access Point 

There are a number of drawbacks. Counting people who say that sometimes, it has some working problems. 

Low transferring data

Sometimes, this device transfers the low data because after two to three months, it becomes older and the main cause of this is the interference of other devices.

Slow access courage

Its network range becomes weak after some time because many people connect their smartphones to this device and sometimes people don’t update their device from time to time.

Connection problem

In starting this device connects automatically to other devices like smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. Due to the interference of the other networks, the automatic connection sensors become weak.


Although the devices have some problems, after a while it works continuously in the proper manner. 


Tp-link EAP110 Access Point Setup, the setup of this device is very easy and you can easily read an instruction related to the device from the encouragement card and from the mobile app. The old model of this device is difficult to access because it is connected with the help of the cable but after the upgrade of the device, with the wireless feature, we can access the network from 400 feet far away from the access point. And it makes a unique buy, it is available in any market.

The design of the router is made consumer-friendly. I am also using this product during the covid19, it is such an excellent device. I use this device for office work, for studies, and playing games. And I also login to the app of this device. We saw all features and functions of the access point on that device and it made it easy to operate this device.

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