Amazing accessories for the sewing room

We’ve covered the basics of your machine, and now we can look at what you need to make sewing more enjoyable. However, if your model is not good, such accessories won’t make you satisfied. Therefore, read singer simple 3337 reviews to know how fabulous this model is at sewing.

These items may not be essential or necessary, but they can add value to your work area and accessory tray.

If you don’t have them yet, they can be great Christmas gifts.

  1. Self-healing sewing Matt
  2. Special Scissors
  3. Cabinets and shelving units
  4. Table with adjustable height
  5. Large Mirror
  6. Mannequin
  7. Sewing box

Let’s take a look at each item.

Self-healing sewing mats

A non-slip, self-healing sew mat is a great option. It will keep your table safe from any cuts and will last many years.

This is especially useful if you are working with quilting as you will be making a lot of small cuts. Depending on the space available, you should get one that is as large as possible and has multiple measurement markings.

It’s much faster to measure accurately every time, without needing to reach for your measuring device:

These can be found at Amazon.

If you have sufficient space & budget, you could get a large self-healing mat for your table. You can easily cut anywhere and save time. It can be placed beside your machine to give you a large work area.

Special scissors

It is really useful to have scissors that are specifically designed for specific tasks.

There are many types of scissors, and we will show you which ones we prefer to use around our sewing machine.

  • Dressmaker shears
  • This is the standard sewing scissor. This is the best type of scissors if you only plan to use one. This is not the place to save money. A high-quality, high-quality scissor is essential if you want to avoid frustration.
  • Small scissors
  • A small scissor is also important to be able to trim the threads and to cut sharp edges.
  • Paper scissors
  • These scissors are similar to your regular scissors, except that you will be using them only for paper. The same scissors should not be used for both fabric and (paper-based) sewing patterns. If you cut paper with your scissors, you will not be able to use them for cutting fabrics.
  • Shears with a spring mechanism
  • If you have sore hands after cutting the fabric, scissors with a spring mechanism can be a great choice.
  • After a long day of sewing, it can happen to anyone.
  • These scissors are more user-friendly and will open automatically. This technique is awesome for those who love working with heavy fabrics or multiple layers (for quilting).

Cabinets and shelving units

Cabinets are necessary for the storage of all your fabric.

A dedicated shelf unit is a great way to organize all your sewing supplies. It is easier to start sewing if everything is in one place.

Hanging shelving units on the walls can be a great way to organize your sewing space. This will make it easy to locate different items and give you a clear overview of all types of needles and threads.

Even if you don’t consider yourself organized, it is worth spending a few hours organizing everything to make sure you know where it is.

It is not fun to have to run around the house each time you want to sew.

Tables with adjustable height

You should consider getting a table that adjusts in height depending on how much you sew each week. Also, it depends on your sewing machine model, For example, Singer 1234 Review can explain how this model can work fantastic and can handle your huge sewing projects easily.

Many seamstresses struggle due to back pain and shoulder pain, and one technique to avoid all that is to change the working position you’re currently in infrequently. While it is recommended that you stand for at least one minute each hour, the best way to do this is to stand for half the time you are sewing.

This can be achieved by using a separate, higher cutting table. This is an example of how to arrange your workspace.

You can force yourself to get up from your chair by using a different table for ironing and cutting.

It is a good idea for the ironing and cutting table to be at a height that allows you to stand and work. Stretch your back, and don’t bend over.

This adjustable table is great for sewing. A table with an adjustable height is a must if you have a weak or troubled lower back. It can be used for any activity that requires you to sit at a table for longer than an hour.

Large Mirror

You can hang a large mirror up on the wall so you can see what your projects look like. You won’t need to go between the bathroom or the sewing room every time, and you can make adjustments as needed.


A sewing room with an adjustable mannequin doll will be a joy.

These are ideal because they can be adjusted to fit your body. You will also be able to see how each item looks on someone else.

An adjustable mannequin is one that we use to adjust everything, from the breast size to our waistline. Similar to the one found at Amazon (link above image).

They are actually quite cheap, and you can get great mannequins here at Amazon.

Avoid the cheapest models, and ensure that they have enough dials for you to adjust them.

  • The bust
  • waist,
  • hips
  • The neck/back. This feature is necessary if you make collars. Trust me.

A foam-backed model, such as the one shown above, allows you to insert needles. However, they should not be pressed too deeply into the surface. This is a great feature and must-have.

Most dolls allow you to adjust the bust size from 33″ to 40″ (76 – 102 cm) and the hips from 33″ to 38″ (76 – 97 cm).

These dimensions can vary between models, so make sure you double-check them. It’s easy to adjust and looks similar to the one shown above. It can be done by one person, which is great for those who work alone.

Sewing boxes

You can’t store scissors in your accessory tray, so make sure you have a separate sewing box or bag for all your sewing accessories.

If you don’t have one, it’s a great idea for Saturday afternoon. Most importantly, read Brother SE1900 Review to know about this model’s amazing Grid Sheet Set as well.

Any type of cardboard or plastic box can be used.

These can be found in hobby shops or made for use by tools. Make sure that it’s sufficiently large to hold all your items. Before you decide which size to get for your sewing machine, lay everything out on the table.

Either you use cardboard walls to do this, or you can put smaller boxes inside the box. You can make your own sewing box to fit exactly your items. You won’t need to compromise on space or leave it empty.

You can finish it off by painting it. To make it really special, you can add buttons or lace to the top.

Amazon has great boxes for those who prefer a pre-made box. This neat box will work for most seamstresses.

Closing thoughts

I trust you found inspiration.

But I don’t want to make you feel that you have to own all these things to be a great seamstress. You can do without most of these items as they are not essential.

These are the accessories that we enjoy using in our sewing room.

Start sewing if you are just starting out. Get the first section marked “nice to have.” These are the items you will most likely not be able to live without.

Try it out to find the best fit for you.

You will become more familiar with what you need and have the time to look for it. You can always have a few items on your wishlist to give to people who ask for them.

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