6 tips to prevent flies in the house and garden

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6 tips to prevent flies in the house and garden

Property, House, Home, Room, Architecture, Building, Yard, Window, Courtyard, Door, GETTY No sooner have you opened the door than the first fly has

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Property, House, Home, Room, Architecture, Building, Yard, Window, Courtyard, Door, GETTY

No sooner have you opened the door than the first fly has already found its way inside. If you think you can open the door in this nice weather (or even better: eat outside), you have to knock the flies off your plate every ten seconds.


Flies must be prevented. And with these six tips against flies in your house.

1. Sachets of water

The first time I saw the sandwich bags with water hanging on someone’s house, I was still surprised, but it really works. The brilliance of the water keeps the flies away from you. Fill your bags three-quarters full with water, tie them shut and hang them up with a string. Do this in the doorway too, this will keep them from flying into the house. tips to prevent flies in the house

2. Cloves

With the smell of cloves in and around the house, flies don’t know how fast to turn around. Fill a bowl of water with cloves or stick some cloves in an apple, or even better: in a lemon. This also tackles the mosquitoes at the same time.

3. Cornmeal with honey

Not very nice, but oh well. Mix some honey or maple syrup with cornmeal and put it in a bowl. This means you lure the flies, so one, two, three: into the trap. tips to prevent flies in the house

4. Vinegar

The smell of vinegar will scare the flies away. Boil some malt vinegar and put it in a jar or bowl and place it around the house. If you want to go bigger, you can also wash the windows with vinegar. Bet they don’t come close anymore.

5. Basil

If keeping the kitchen tidy isn’t enough, you could plant a basil plant. Spreads a wonderful scent throughout the kitchen and avoids flies. Win-win.

6. Garlic

Whether this smell makes you happy is another matter, but flies don’t like the smell of garlic, so it’s worth a try. If you are bothered by more than ‘a a few’ flies, just hanging some garlic and spreading it around the house is not enough. Boil the garlic to a stock. Success guaranteed.

Tips against mosquitoes: 5 natural ways to repel mosquitoes

With these tips, you can also keep mosquitoes away without chemicals.


Garlic on a wooden chopping board.AZRI SURATMIN GETTY IMAGES

Nothing can ruin your summer evening or night’s sleep more than a buzzing mosquito. While there are many products that keep these annoying critters at bay, it is good to remember that these are not always good for the environment or for your own health. So try one of these five ways to repel mosquitoes in a responsible way. tips to prevent flies in the house

1. Wear light colors

Mosquitoes can smell you from 50 meters away, but when they get closer they switch to their sight. Dark colors are more attractive to mosquitoes looking for food. Research shows that light colors are less attractive to these little critters – bring on those white summer dresses!

2. Surround yourself with lavender

While most people love the scent of lavender, mosquitoes, flies, and moths prefer to avoid this purple plant. Therefore, place some of these plants in your garden to prevent a mosquito invasion. Rubbing lavender oil on your skin also acts as a natural bug spray.

3. Eat more garlic

Your partner maybe a little less happy with this tip, but when you’ve eaten garlic, mosquitoes are guaranteed to stay away. The garlic smell that is released from your pores after eating is not very popular with these critters.

4. Blow Them Away

Mosquitoes are drawn to water because they lay their eggs in it. What they like less is wind. Putting a fan next to your bed is therefore a great way to repel mosquitoes. Even a small breeze is enough to turn the mosquito over.

5. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has a pretty strong smell, which you have to love. Lucky for us, at least mosquitoes don’t like it! By rubbing yourself with a few drops of tea tree oil, you keep mosquitoes away in a natural way. In addition, it is also good for your skin. Tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect, which makes it effective against pimples. Also, a little tea tree oil in your shampoo can reduce dandruff and itchiness on your scalp. Win-win!

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