5 Reasons Everyone Should Wear a UV Mask in Public

Wearing a UVmask in public can help both yourself and others from the transmission of the infected virus. It also helps in preventing bad air while you inhale. UV masks help in filtering small dust particles that come along with air when you breathe and it uses the ultraviolet filtration method to provide you clean air.

Here are 5 reasons everyone should wear a UV mask in public.

By wearing a mask, you’re protecting your community:

“Pandemic influenza is by nature an international issue; it requires an international solution,” said Margaret Chan, a Chinese-Canadian physician, who served as the Director-General of the World Health Organization delegating the People’s Republic of China for 2006–2017.

Well, most public places have required the use of face masks to help others in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 infections. Many people have doubts that wearing masks can actually prevent you from COVID-19 or not, to make it clear, wearing a mask can give you an extra step to reduce the spread of droplets that may contain viruses or germs. If you are in a crowded place and it is not possible to have physical distance then wearing an UVMask can help in protecting your community from any infectious spread of COVID-19.

Mask can prevent you from touching your face:

People touch their faces so many times and most of the time they are unaware of that thing. It is like second nature to us. But when you wear a mask in a public place or anywhere then the mask will help in limiting the direct contact of ours hand in touching our nose and mouth. Because touching your nose and mouth can be the fastest way for contracting viruses like COVID-19. So, it is necessary that you follow complete hand hygiene and make sure that you clean your hand after and before wearing the mask.

Masks provide a reminder to physically distance:

When we see other people wearing a mask in a public or crowded place then it will remind us to maintain a proper distance from others. Although the use of the mask is more when physical distancing is not possible but the visual that everyone is wearing a mask remind us to wear too. Moreover, it will help you and others from inhaling any infectious viruses or germs in your body.

Masks help limit the spread between individuals, objects, and surfaces:

Well, not only do masks help in reducing the droplets from yourself to others but also helps in limiting the droplets to objects that any individual might touch. Even if you cough or sneeze the droplets can spread on items or surfaces that others might touch so a mask can prevent these possibilities of getting infected.

Purchasing a community mask can help local business:

Well, there will be many businesses around your community that have pivoted to meet the supply and demand. When you purchase a mask from these businesses it will help them to survive the global pandemic.

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