Yes, a Reversible Mink Coat Is Just What You Need

If you value the practicality, comfort, and style of genuine furs, then yes – a reversible mink coat is just what you need. Allow us a word of explanation.

Natural furs are a superior insulator. They will keep you warm in the thick of the worst that the elements can deliver. Come rain, snow, sleet, and wind, furs will keep you snug and warm in a way that can only be experienced.

Genuine fur coats are a far better insulator than most if not all synthetics, and particularly more practical than other, natural insulators like cotton. When materials like cotton get wet, they will draw warmth out of you continuously; that is where the phrase “cotton kills,” comes from.

Fur jackets and coats will keep you warm even in the worst weather, and some furs and wool retain most of their thermal insulating properties even when they are wet. That’s something that most synthetics and even natural alternatives can’t offer you.

Mink fur coats will not only protect you from the elements, but mink is readily available, highly sustainable, and highly variable. Minks have been selectively bred to offer a great deal of variety in their coat colors, so it’s even possible to get a mink coat in white, black, gray, or even in a range of neutral colors in between.

So a mink fur coat can offer you both function, keeping you warm when the mercury dips, and form, which needs little if any explanation.

But there is one thing that must also be said about fur. Fur can be temperamental when it is not properly cared for.

Caring for a Mink Fur Coat
Since fur in general and mink fur in specific are natural materials, they need some very specific care and attention, particularly periodic maintenance, to ensure that they will continue to keep you warm long into the future.

Natural furs can be easily damaged by a wide range of environmental factors, including but not limited to excessive exposure to light, to smoke, to vermin, and even to seemingly innocuous factors like exposure to ice and snow.

While a mink fur coat will keep you warm through rain and snow, allowing a mink coat to become wet is terrible for the garment. Water can damage both the fur and the liner, resulting in cracking or shedding of fur.

So your first reaction might be to prevent your coat from ever becoming wet; but then again, what good is a winter coat if you can’t wear it outside in the snow and rain?

So where does a reversible mink fur coat factor into all of this?

But Why a Reversible Mink Coat?
A reversible mink coat allows you to plan ahead and enjoy the warmth of fur even when the elements don’t cooperate.

An investment in a reversible mink fur coat gives you all the benefits of a mink fur coat and then some. Not only does it provide you with exceptional warmth, but it gives you an out by which you can protect the coat if the conditions turn south. To paint the full picture, a reversible coat gives you even more; it’s like two coats for the price of one.

If the forecast calls for heavy rain or snow, simply flip that coat inside out and wear the mink on the inside. It’ll help protect your investment from the elements and you’ll still be snug and warm.

As a matter of fact, for the price of one coat, you’ll be getting two styles since you can turn the coat inside out.

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