What safety precautions are there for quads for children?

As much fun as driving a quad bike for children is, safety is the top priority. Accidents can occur in steep terrain or in tight curves. vr remote control car safety precautions ensure that everything goes smoothly. In order to prevent injuries, children should only drive with robust protective clothing. With us, for example, you will find the right children’s ➡ helmet.

Suitable protective clothing for journeys

Good protective equipment is essential for your child’s safety. First and foremost, this includes a robust helmet for children. In the event of falls and rear-end collisions, the helmet protects against head injuries. However, not every helmet is suitable for quad biking. A bicycle helmet, for example, is not stable enough to adequately protect the head in the event of high-speed falls. At Miweba you will find sturdy ➡ cross helmets for children that are suitable for quad riders. We also recommend that your child wears long clothes and, if possible, gloves. Protectors for knees and elbows prevent abrasions. Helmet and protective clothing must fit properly and fit comfortably but firmly. In addition, check the protective clothing regularly for any damage. If you notice any damage, replace the protective clothing.


Thrush is an important safety precaution so that children can slowly get used to using the quad. Set the speed to the lowest level at the beginning. Once your child is safe at this pace and has the quad under control, you can gradually increase the ✅ speed.

High-quality disc brakes

Modern children’s electric quads are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes consist of a brake disc connected to the wheel hub and a brake carrier on which the so-called brake caliper is located. The brake pads are stuck in the brake caliper. If the driver presses the brake pedal, the brake pads apply pressure to the brake disc, and the quad then reduces the speed. ✅ Disc brakes slow down the vehicle particularly evenly. Depending on the model, combined braking systems are also used: disc brakes on the rear axle, and drum brakes on the front axle.

Emergency stop line

In the event of falls, there is a risk that the quad will not come to a stop immediately. An emergency stop leash prevents this. Attached to the child’s clothing or wrist, it turns off the engine immediately as soon as a pull is applied to it.

Recommendation: Choose a quad bike of optimal size for your child

Children’s quads differ in seat height and maximum permissible load capacity. When choosing a quad for children, therefore, pay attention to the right size for your offspring. The seat height should be chosen so that your child can comfortably grasp the handlebar and reach all switches and levers. Our mini quads have a seat height of about 53 cm.

Where can children’s quads be driven?

Children’s quads do not have a street permit. According to the German STVZO, an electric quad for children may therefore not be driven in road traffic. Driving on public sidewalks is also not welcome. Your child is allowed to ride freely with the quad on private grounds and specially designated race tracks. ✅ So let your offspring only jet around in the garden, on your own property, a suitable meadow, or specially designated quad areas.

Do the children’s quads require a lot of assembly work?

An electric quad for children does not require much installation effort. Our mini quads and pocket quads are ✅ already 95 percent pre-assembled. On most models, all you have to do is mount the handlebars, trim parts, and wheels. This is also possible without much previous experience.

If you need help, you can find it on our YouTube channel ➡ MiwebaTV. There we provide you with useful videos on how to set up our children’s quads.

Which quad is best suited? Important purchase criteria

Electric motor or children’s quad with petrol? If you want to buy a new children’s quad, you are faced with some important questions. The choice is large, but which quad fits your child best? Consider the following selection criteria to find a suitable quad for children.

Beginner or advanced? How much experience does your child have?

Your child has never sat on a quad bike before, but is interested in motorsport and would like to be fast on the road? For beginners, an electric quad for children is recommended. A mini quad is best suited. These quad bikes are ✅ easy to use and the ✅ speed can be reduced to walking speed. So even younger children can safely make their first driving experiences. Many advanced riders would like to travel faster and set their own pace. This is achieved with an electric quad with 1000 watts of motor power.

Noise: How loud can the quad be?

How loud the children’s squad may depend mainly on where your child is most often on the road. If it drives primarily on its own property in the residential area, an ✅ electric quad protects the nerves of your neighbors thanks to its quiet motor. A petrol children’s quad is much louder and more suitable for remote terrain.

Terrain or asphalt: On which terrain does your child drive?

High-quality children’s quads are usually designed for any terrain. A ✅ special suspension and ✅ outdoor tires ensure comfortable handling on bumpy roads. Models with adjustable struts allow the quad to be adapted to the respective terrain conditions.

Range: For the longest possible driving pleasure

With electric quads, you should pay attention to the longest possible range, so that the driving pleasure does not end too quickly. The batteries that drive the electric motor must be changed regularly. ✅ 15 to 20 km of distance should be manageable with one battery charge. At best, the charging socket is located on the vehicle, so you do not have to remove the battery for charging. Practical is a ✅ speedometer that shows the battery charge level. So you always know when the next charge is due.

Charging time or “When will it finally start again?”

Little motorsport drivers can be impatient. They are looking forward to the exit into the terrain, but the electric quad is still hanging on the charger.

➡ So that your child can rush off again quickly, a children’s electric quad with the shortest possible ✅ charging time is recommended. Ideally, the quad has an ✅ indicator lamp for the state of charge.

Braking: How the quad comes to a safe stop

High-quality brakes make a significant contribution to safe handling. A must is a brake on the rear axle. Modern children’s quads are usually equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. Some models have disc brakes on the front and rear axles or a combination of disc and drum brakes. In this way, they come to a stop quickly and safely even in the most difficult terrain.


Light: So that your child is safe even in the dark

Quad biking is not only fun in summer and in sunshine. So that your child enjoys the best visibility even at dusk and on cloudy days, the children’s quad should be equipped with ✅ powerful spotlights. This also makes your child easier to see for other drivers, which reduces the risk of accidents. LED headlights are particularly energy-efficient.

Forward and reverse gear: For difficult driving manoeuvres

For action-packed off-road driving, a quad with ✅ forward and reverse gear is recommended. If the quad has got stuck or your child has not taken a curve properly, it can simply be reset and the driving fun can continue.

Tyres: Deep tread and good grip for off-road driving

For off-road driving, the children’s quad needs the right tyres. Outdoor tyres with a deep tread have plenty of grip and ensure that the quad does not slip in steep curves and on muddy ground. ➡ Large tires provide optimal ground clearance. Depending on the size of the quad, the tires should have a ➡ diameter of 6 to 8 inches.

Weight: How heavy can the quad be?

The lighter the quad is for children, the easier it is to transport. A low total weight allows even small and light riders to keep control of the children’s quad. Last but not least, a light weight also means strong acceleration. ✅ Electric quads for children score with their low total weight.

Maintenance: How much time do you want to invest?

Before you buy a children’s quad, best rc car track you should also consider how much time you want to invest in maintenance. ✅ Electric quads for children are particularly easy to care for. All you have to do is charge the batteries regularly and maintain the tires. Children’s petrol quads require more maintenance.

Extras for more safety and comfort

Every children’s quad should have safety features such as ✅ an emergency stop switch or an emergency stop pedal or safety touch foot switch, speed throttling and shock absorbers. Additional equipment details such as a ✅ knee guard, heelguards and a chain guard are an advantage. A protected foot area with ✅ ribbed ground provides a better grip on the feet of the drivers, padded handlebars take the force out of shocks. Convenient for longer trips is a luggage rack on which your child can take food or additional equipment.


Which children’s quad is the best depends on your child’s individual experience and driving skills. Before buying, ask yourself the following questions:

What motor skills does your child have?

How well can it maintain its balance?

Does your child already have experience with driving children’s quads?

Where, in which terrain and on which surfaces should the quad be used as a priority?