What is included in smart clay? Is it dangerous for my children?

You probably know plasticine from your youth. It can be shaped and kneaded as desired and is available in many colors. This allows you to let off steam creatively as a child or even as an adult. rc police car with lights modeling clay is also used for therapeutic purposes. But now there is also “intelligent kneading”. What is behind it, you will learn in this post.

What is smart clay?

Intelligent kneading is also called “bouncy kneading” and is made of silicone plastic. It can be processed and shaped, as can plasticine. In addition, however, it has various other properties that the known modeling clay cannot have.


The intelligent clay comes from America, where it is known by different names. In addition to “Thinking Putty”, she is also called Silly Putty or Bouncing Putty, which means “bouncing putty”. This is because the modeling clay bounces when you throw it on the ground. At the same time, it can also break, drip or melt. This is due to their special viscosity and material properties.

Characteristics of the bouncy kneading

The intelligent clay impresses with its fascinating properties. It all depends on whether you throw, stretch, cool, or tear them. How it behaves depends on the force to which it is exposed.

Intelligent kneading has the following characteristics:

If you form something from it and leave it lying down, it melts within about 10 minutes and returns to its initial state.

You can stretch and pull them like chewing gum if you proceed very slowly. It then expands almost endlessly.

If you do not stretch it slowly, but pull it jerky, then the mass tears like paper.

If you proceed even more “brutally”, you can even let the mass splinter with a hard blow.

If you throw the modeling clay on the floor or against a wall, it reacts like a rubber ball and jumps back.

If you put it in a funnel, it can even drip.

It also has the following positive additional properties:

It is neither sticky nor slimy.

It does not rub off on the hands when kneading.

It is non-toxic.

It contains no plasticizers.

It doesn’t stink (it’s odorless).

It does not dry out.

It has an almost unlimited shelf life.

Advantages and disadvantages

The dough is available in over 30 colors and with many positive additional effects such as color change or fluoresces or even magnetism. There is something for every taste.

Unfortunately, this modeling clay is much more expensive compared to the “normal” clay. In addition, it is usually recommended for adults rather than for children. In addition, you can only play with clean hands on clean surfaces, because you can not clean the clay. Once dirty, it is unusable.

What types of intelligent kneading are there?

This special type of kneading is available in many variants.

Color changing: When in contact with heat (radiator, sun) or cold (refrigerator) you can vary the color.

Magnetic: the silver modeling clay is magnetic.

Noctilucent: Charged in sunlight, the clay then glows in the dark.

Glass kneading: The transparent glass kneading actually looks like transparent, liquid glass. They are also available with glitter.

Opalknete: This clay shimmers iridescently, depending on how the light falls on it. Shaped like a ball, it can look like a gemstone.

Crystal Jelly: This variant can be pulled apart for a very long time and then put back together. So it looks like glass fiber.

Bang kneading: if you knead it firmly and tear it apart quickly, the clay emits soft bang sounds.

What is the difference between another kneading?

In addition to the normal plasticine and the intelligent kneading, there are also kneading materials for crafting, for example, which hardens in the air as well as “Foam Putty”, which also consists of tiny, adhering beads or eating kneading. This is actually made from a baking mix and is really edible. In addition, there is still clay, which is used by craftsmen on the construction site.

The main differences between smart kneading and regular kneading are:

It doesn’t stick or stink.

It does not dry out.

It does not rub off.

It is BPA-free.

They are available in many more variants than standard kneading.

What is contained in smart clay and is it dangerous for my children?

The dough is tested according to the EU standard EN 71, parts 1, 2, and 3. This includes the ingredients, properties, and flammability of the clay (and also other toys). After that, rc cars crashes the dough is non-toxic and harmless. It contains no plasticizers and no latex compounds. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for children under the age of three because of the handling and the risk of swallowing.

Very important: When buying, you should always pay attention to the original, even if it is a bit more expensive. Because cheap imitations from Asia could contain toxic ingredients. The original from America, on the other hand, complies with the EU standard EN 71 and is safe.