What Do You Know about Notary Public in Toronto?

Those who have faced a legal issue with their properties and documents know how essential it is to notarize a document. Document notarization means passing the legal process in a notary public office. The process is done to ensure both parties will not be any legal problems or obstacles in the future. Besides, it is impossible to do any fraud activities when a document is notarized. The question most people ask in this regard is if a paralegal can notarize a document or not. In this article, we interviewed a reputable notary public in Toronto to explain their services and the difference between them and a paralegal.

Who is a Notary Public? 

As mentioned earlier, a notary public is a legal expert who is allowed to notarize any document. They act like a witness at the court that the document belongs to you and it is not a fraud. They can also confirm that the signature in the document is yours, and no one else has signed the document instead of you. A notary public is a person who can confirm that you have signed the document without any pressure and with your own willingness. The notary public asks parties to make sure they are fully aware of the contract items. Besides, having sufficient information about the agreement is necessary for parties. Therefore, notary publics make sure that everything is going smoothly and the transaction has no legal problem. The notary public’s signature and seal show nothing wrong with the document and signing process.

Can a Notary Public Give Advice With Legal Issues? 

The answer is no. They cannot help people with any legal issues. In fact, they are not allowed to help with legal issues. When there is any legal issue, or you need consulting with a legal professional about your legal issue, you should visit a paralegal. There are some special and lower-case issues that paralegals can help you. If there are issues related to landlord and tenant, or if you have problems related to a contract between parties, paralegals in Toronto can help you. Besides, civil lawsuits that should be heard in Small Claims Court can be handled by a paralegal. You can also ask a paralegal to help you with any money or property disputes. Paralegals provide a wide range of legal consultations. They are the ones who can explain to you all your rights and responsibilities in a legal case. They can guide you to find the best solution.

 Are Notary Public Services Expensive?

 Generally, the services provided by notary publics are not expensive. They are affordable. Besides, it should be noted that it is worth spending money to make your properties and documents legal. Since if you do not do this process, you will definitely face difficulties in proving that the property, or the land, for example, is yours. By notarizing a legal document, the notary public helps prevent fraud.