Top Kidswear Brands in Pakistan in 2022

With the changing fashion trends, dressing children has changed as well. Most mothers are opting for readymade outfits. Pakistani manufacturers have emerged with high-quality manufacturing models and are thriving in the market producing some of the best Kidswear Brands in Pakistan. Quality, durability, and affordability are some of the major criteria for choosing the right kids’ clothing brand. Minnie Minors is one such brand that has mastered the art of designing and crafting kids’ clothing. Its stylish and trendy dresses are a favourite among moms and children alike.

The Breakout brand is one of the most famous brands for kids’ clothing in Pakistan. Founded in 1910, this brand has been providing children’s clothing made of unique fabrics. Their clothing is known for their comfortable styles, while still maintaining quality and design. The Breakout price ranges from Rs 800 to Rs 3,000, though the majority of the collection falls within the latter. They have many collections that are perfect for both boys and girls, ranging from casual to formal wear.

Minnie Minors is another brand that sells clothes for kids, ranging from newborns to teenagers. Its clothes are affordable and durable, and come in sizes from newborns to tweens. Minnie Minors has many outlets across the country and is one of the first kids clothing stores to launch in Pakistan. This brand features western-style dresses and premium quality fabrics. It is one of the most affordable brands for kids in the country.

Kidswear Brands in Pakistan
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Buying clothes for children was difficult a few years ago, especially when it came to sizing. Older brands were usually of poor quality and didn’t come in sizes that would fit children properly. Many parents ended up dressing their children in whatever they were comfortable in, which made shopping for clothes even more difficult. Now however, with the advent of modern manufacturing facilities, the country has a wide variety of quality, affordable clothes for kids. is a newname in the fast growing Kidswear brands in Pakistan offering casual, festive, formals semi-formals and other types of kidswear online. Haute Couture at its best is supported by flawless shipping and handling of the items ready to be delivered to you. The Lahore-based brand is located at MM Alam Road, Lahore. Flat Rate shipping and online support of the brand is impeccable as are its outfits. Aiming to become an undisputed leader in affordable luxury for minors, Azah vows to promote sustabinable kids fashion with innovative designs and matchless comfort. The website: features its wide Kids product line including Kurtas, formals, Separates, Western Wear and more.

Some other brands of kids clothing in Pakistan include Hopscotch and Mothercare. Both brands specialize in the best western and eastern clothing for kids. In addition, Hopscotch offers a wide range of outfits for newborns and toddlers. They also feature ethnic clothing, which is perfect for special occasions. Its range of clothing extends from baby ones to teens. Whether it’s a western-inspired outfit or traditional eastern attire, Hopscotch will fit the bill.

Another well-known kids clothing brand in Pakistan is Leisure Club. Launched in 1997, the brand was initially a clothing brand for adults. But within ten years, it had become the country’s first junior brand. It offers a range of clothes and footwear for children, with prices ranging from Rupees 150 to over 5000. In addition to Leisure Club, Cherryberry also offers affordable children’s footwear. These high-quality brands are a great way to impress your little one.