The Benefits of MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil That Are Rarely Talked About

Distilling the coconut oil separates off the lauric acid and other solid fats, leaving just the lauric acid MCT fractionated coconut oil. It is a mild emollient that softens and moisturizes dry skin while improving the dispersion of essential oils. Once the solid fats have been removed, the oil will remain liquid at any temperature, unlike virgin coconut oil, which hardens at or below room temperature.

When you hear the word “MCT,” you’re talking about the type of fatty acids found in the oil. These long-chain fatty acids serve to set the product apart from regular coconut oil. The natural all-star substance has anti-inflammatory properties and is excellent for the skin’s outer layer. It works as a natural anti-inflammatory and is rich in fatty acids, which strengthen the skin’s natural barrier against environmental aggressors.

It also absorbs well into the skin with a little gentle rubbing, and it has the potential to look and feel luxurious on the skin as well. People who apply it on their skin have flocked to it in massive numbers as a result. It is easier for your skin to absorb MCT fractionated coconut oil. The fact that it mixes well with other liquids like essential oils or honey provides it an advantage over virgin coconut oil in health and beauty DIYs. Skin absorbs fractionated coconut oil quickly and feels silky and smooth after use.

With all essential oils, fractionated coconut oil dissolves easily in the skin. Essential oils combine well with Fractionated Coconut Oil since it is colorless and odorless. It’s great for dry or problematic skin since it forms an effective barrier while also relaxing the skin. When using powerful essential oils topically, use fractionated coconut oil to lessen skin irritation and inflammation.

In order to improve the absorption of essential oils into the skin, fractionated coconut oil is used. Depending on your skin sensitivity or the directions on the label of essential oil, dilute one part of essential oil with five parts or more of Fractionated Coconut Oil to get the most out of your oils. When using essential oils topically, you may use less and yet benefit from their potent effects by applying them sparingly.

It also addresses dry skin, including elbows and heels, when applied topically. Knees, elbows, and heels are common areas where people experience dry, rough skin. However, using a little fractionated coconut oil will soften and hydrate even the roughest skin. Cracked heels and dry skin can be eliminated by using MCT Fractionated oil on your foot. One tablespoon of FCO with two drops of lavender essential oil is all you need for long-lasting hydration of dry, rough skin. If you’d like, use it before going to bed at night so you can soak up all of that moisture in the morning.

Makeup brushes that are dirty are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs that may do serious damage to your skin. Using makeup brushes on a regular basis causes them to become clogged with dirt, oils, and traces of previous cosmetics. Fractionated Coconut Oil could help you take better care of your makeup brushes.

Fractionated Coconut Oil is not only beneficial to the skin, but it is also beneficial to the hair. In addition to controlling frizzy hair and moisturizing it, this carrier oil has several other uses. Use Fractionated Coconut Oil as a potent natural conditioner in your hair-washing regimen. Use Make Your Own Buzz’s Fractionated Coconut Oil help detangle and tame frizz in your hair.

Experiment with Fractionated Coconut Oil that is sold from Make Your Own Buzz and make your own organic skin or hair care products.

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