Test Tube Baby Cost in India and Different Cities in India and Factors that Affect The Cost

Test Tube Baby Cost: Many people still use test-tube babies instead of IVF because of its popularity. Many people are looking for a proper answer for test-tube babies. People ask what a test tube baby’s minimum Cost in India is, and Some ask about the factors that affect its Cost. So let’s discover these factors and the Cost of test-tube babies. So you can proceed with further treatment with a free mind.

Test Tube Baby Procedure

Although the Procedure of Test Tube Baby is Similar to standard IVF, knowing the complete procedure will help you calculate the accurate Test tube baby cost in India. Let’s get to the procedure of Test Tube Baby.

Initial Tests

Before starting the Test Tube Baby, these tests can start from a simple Blood test to complete genetic screening for both couples. Checking the Medical conditions for Couples is the most important. That way, any Infertility or hormonal disorder may be detected and processed as soon as practicable.

Removal of EGG

Removal of eggs from the uterus is the second step in the Test Tube Baby procedure. First, by using an injection, ovulation in the females is increased. After the injection, eggs production in the female body starts rising. Then eggs are removed with the help of a long tube-shaped Injection and kept in storage for the next step.

Semen Removal

Semen of your partner is also needed for the next step. If your partner’s sperm is healthy in semen analysis, then doctors will proceed to the next step if your partner’s sperm is unhealthy or showing deficiency. Then doctors may ask your permission to use a donor’s sperm and proceed with it.

Fertilization of Eggs

The third step is the fertilization of eggs. The female ovum is fertilized with the sperm of her partner or donor’s egg. Then it is left to mature in a test tube under supervised conditions. This fertilization process can be done in different ways depending upon your medical condition.

Transferring The Egg

After the egg has been fertilized, it becomes an embryo. The embryo is transferred by using a long tube in the womb to evolve into a baby. However, this transfer process may cause some minor bleeding or Infections, so keep this in mind and be prepared for these things.

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After Transferring the embryo, you have to wait for your Pregnancy test. This test will tell you whether your test tube process is successful or Not.

Suppose your pregnancy test is negative. Then doctors may advise you to Take another Cycle of Procedures. This failure may increase your Test Tube Baby cost estimate.

Test Tube Baby Cost In India

How much does a test tube baby cost? I know that’s the first thing you can think of Test Tube Baby. Usually, the test tube baby cost in India ranges between 1 Lakh to 1.25 lakh. If you are looking for a specific city like Jaipur, it is the same as the Indian average Cost. Even if you look for an affordable IVF center and Its IVF Cost In Jaipur, It will Sum up equally because of these lengthy Procedures. Let’s look at the Average Test Tube Baby Cost/ IVF cost of different Cities in India to give you an accurate estimate.

  1. Test Tube Baby treatment costs in Delhi are around RS. 1,25,000
  2. At Mumbai, It is around RS. 1,60,00
  3. In Bengaluru, it is around RS.1,40,000
  4. In Chennai, it is around RS. 1,45,000
  5. and Finally, the Test tube Baby Cost in Jaipur is 1,15,000

These prices are here to give you a generalized idea about How much you need to have in your pocket to get proper and Successful test tube/IVF treatment. But These Cost is affected by many factors that in a result increase your Test Tube Baby Cost.

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Factors that Affect Test Tube Baby Cost

Let’s check those factors that affect majorly in the rise of test-tube baby treatment costs.

Your Age’s Affect on Test Tube Baby Cost

Age is an essential factor in the Test Tube Baby treatment. With increasing age, women’s reproductive capacity comes to its decline. Because of this, it is hard for women over the age of 35 to conceive a baby. So if you are considering getting test tube baby treatment, then your age will cost you some extra money on medication and extra tests.

Hormonal Conditions

Many women unknowingly suffer from hormonal disorders. These imbalanced hormones cause significant abnormalities in pregnancy. Therefore, during the initial stages of test-tube baby/IVF treatment, you have to take Blood tests that determine your hormonal conditions. If any abnormality is found, you have to take medication to treat it before proceeding with the primary treatment of the test tube baby.

Unhealthy Semen

If your partner’s sperm is not healthy or your partner’s sperm count is low. In that case, doctors may add some extra procedures to your test tube baby/ IVF treatment. This procedure may include ICSI and Sperm screening to improve your chances of succeeding in the treatment. If your partner’s sperm is infertile, doctors may tell you to proceed with the donor’s sperm. If you accumulate these extra procedures and conditions, your test tube baby cost will increase drastically.

Uterus Abnormalities

Uterus Abnormalities is another Test tube baby treatment costs riser that is always troublesome. These abnormalities in the uterus mainly occur due to fibroids or congenital disabilities. But these abnormalities are a severe threat to your Test tube baby/IVF treatment. If you have this condition, doctors may ask you to take surgery to remove this abnormality before going for the primary treatment, which means extra medication costs and Surgery costs. These costs merged with your regular test tube baby cost will increase your Budget.

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Bottom Line for Test Tube Baby Cost

I hope these Facts about Test Tube Baby costs are going to help you in your Treatment Journey. But, would you please keep in mind that all the costs and facts are not applied to everyone? For example, some may get a baby on their first try at a lower cost. But some have to take another cycle due to their medical conditions.