Technologies That Makes Farming Easy

Agriculture plays a very vital role in any country for its economy and for feeding humankind. People learned cultivation ages ago however as time is passing and the growing technology has made farming more convenient. These technologies help in the rapid production and properly and suitably. Advances in machinery have expanded the scale, speed, and productivity of farming. The adoption of these techniques in precision agriculture has gained pace in recent years. It has turned farming more simple, profitable, affiliate, and safer. So if you are also looking for some of these ways of farming but getting confused here is a solution for you. Here we present to you the top five technologies that make farming easy.

GIS-based Agriculture

GIS in agriculture stands for Geographical Information System, developed by the Canadians. It helps to store geographical data and produce maps. This data provides information about the land capacity to support agriculture. It plays an important role in the production of crops by assisting the farmers accordingly like when to increase production or reduce cost, it has become one of the most valuable resources in managing to farm. There are various capabilities of GIS like precision farming, meeting the future demand for food, and real-time mapping. If you are new in the farming world and want to register, go visit kkisan.

Satellite imagery

To improve crop production it is important to have sufficient information about crucial factors which is now possible through satellite imagery. It helps in gaining new and more Insightful information about different agricultural aspects like field crop, crop yields, and business estimation. The information is beneficial in controlling the usage of fertilizers or it helps the farmers in assessing drought-related problems in advance. It can also help in monitoring, biomass estimation, yield forecast, and precision tasks.

Aerial imagery

Farming through aerial gadgets like drones is very beneficial in precision agriculture, optimizing field management, and effectively dispersing weed control or fertilizers. There are many uses of this type of farming like spraying fertilizers, seeds, herbicide, or pesticides fields with a UAV and using it to gather data for precision agriculture like crop health, crop damage assessment, and field soil analysis. It helps in enhancing production, greater safety of farmers, and less wastage of resources. There is a welfare scheme run by the government known as agrimachinery.

Farming software and online data

This type of farming involves analyzing and collecting data about plant conditions. With the help of this data, the farmers can apply irrigation accurately and prevent it from frost or heat damage. It also analyzes the weather data which enables the farmers to apply the required amount of water to dry areas comfortably. It helps in crop rotation, record-keeping, pest control, yield prognosis, and seeding or harvesting time. Some popular agriculture software is farm logs, climate field view, and farmers edge.

Merging Datasets

This involves the collection of data of all agricultural fields in a district. It helps the farmers to compare the performance of their field with others. There are multiple databases obtained from all the fields and compared like winter kill that implies the drop in temperature and it threatens the winter crops, heat stress is responsible for the rise in the temperature or cold stress highlights danger for early crops from frost. It’s one of the most beneficial ways to make farming more effective. If you want updates on sugarcane farming go visit kisan net.

These are some of the most effective ways of farming. Hope this information will be beneficial for you in farming and will helo make farming easier for you and there will be many benefits in farming.