Student Visa Subclass 500 – Learn Its Advantages Here


Student Visa Subclass 500 – Learn Its Advantages Here

Student Visa Subclass 500 – Learn Its Advantages Here

The multicultural diversity, friendly locals, varied landscape, and universities with a world-class academic infrastructure have made Australia a popu

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The multicultural diversity, friendly locals, varied landscape, and universities with a world-class academic infrastructure have made Australia a popular student destination globally. Australia has a dynamic society where students can learn with comfort and ease. Students receiving their graduations from Australian universities also receive attractive job offers worldwide. Reasonable tuition fees and an excellent climate also attract overseas students.

So, your plan to study in Australia can be a life-changing decision if you can do all the things carefully. This blog discusses the benefits you can enjoy while studying in Australia with a Student Visa Subclass 500.

Globally Recognised Education System

Here we discuss several key facts that have made the Australian education system recognized in the whole world.

  • Several Australian universities frequently feature in the top 100 global university rankings. So, earning a degree from such an institute will automatically increase your value to employers.

  • The approach the Australian institutions take to teach their students is unique. Not only do they provide theoretical lessons, but also they offer practical training sessions. These training sessions help students acquire relevant skills required in the job industry. This way, the career-oriented learning system boosts the confidence level of the students.

  • Compared to other countries, Australia welcomes new technology much quicker. So, while studying here with your visa subclass 500, you will access the latest technology and resources.

  • You can also use world-class laboratories, fully stacked libraries, and well-equipped classrooms.

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Diversity In Education

Institutes and universities in Australia offer a large variety of courses to overseas students. There is a total number of 22000 courses from which you can choose the most suitable course. Take a look at the following points to understand the diversity in Australian education.

  • In over 40 universities across the country, courses are offered in various disciplines like Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences, Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health, Physical Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and Social Sciences.

  • Courses are offered at various levels, and students can choose based on their circumstances and needs. Courses include undergraduate, postgraduate, student exchange programs, vocational courses, etc.

  • If you wish, you can move from one institute to another.

  • Many universities also offer flexible timetables to choose different optional subjects in different semesters.

Bringing Family Members Along With You

Like most other Australian visas, the visa subclass 500 also allows the holder to bring family members along with them. When you know you have your near ones with you, it will give you great peace of mind and concentrate on your studies.

As per immigration rules, you can include your spouse or partner and dependent or stepchildren in your visa application. However, there are some specific conditions you have to satisfy to include them.

  • Make sure your dependent children are not adults at the time of your application.

  • Even if you do not include them now, you must declare them in the application. This is because if they have plans to join you later, it will be difficult for them to proceed if you haven’t declared them.

  • All of them must meet health and character requirements like you.

A Reasonable Cost Of Living With Visa Subclass 500

Even though the living standards are higher in Australia, the cost of living is still much lower compared to other popular study destinations like the UK or the US. Usually, students have to show that they have at least AUD20000 to cover their annual costs in Australia.

Access To Various Scholarships For Overseas Students

Most students become worried about expenses associated with studying abroad. However, to make sure that money cannot become a barrier between you and your dream of studying in Australia, a considerable amount is sanctioned every year by the Government of Australia. This amount is as high as 200 million dollars, which is addressed specifically to support overseas students studying at Australian universities.

Various scholarships are available for international students, and they are granted based on requirements like grades, financial difficulties, etc. So, if you have decided on your university, you can ask its financial aid department to check what scholarships you can access.

You can ask your visa agent Adelaide to help you with it.

Opportunity To Work While Studying

The most significant benefit of the student visa subclass 500 Visa is that it allows international students to work as part-time employees. So, while studying, you can work for up to 20 hours per week in jobs where you will have to demonstrate only basic skills. So, you can work in petrol pumps, food, and beverage service, or on university campuses. However, remember that you can only start your job once your course begins.

The benefits of working while studying are as follows.

  • In Australia, every job is respected, and thus, you will never feel ashamed of what you are doing.

  • The minimum salary in Australia is around 17 dollars per hour. It means you can cover a significant portion of your costs (e.g. groceries, utility services, rent, tuition fees, etc.) during your stay.

  • During holidays and semester breaks, you can work full-time.

  • Besides you, your family members will also be allowed to work.

  • Many students plan to stay back in Australia after their graduation. If you have such plans, this work experience can be beneficial in finding a job while staying on a next-stage visa.

Benefits Offered By The Australian Qualification Framework

In Australia, academic courses are designed to help students achieve the best possible outcome. The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) is a learning system authorized by the Government of Australia, and it covers most courses attended by students. This system is responsible for regulating education and training qualifications in Australia. Major universities and companies around the world accept these qualifications with high regard.

The benefits of AQF are as follows.

  • When you choose an AQF-authorised course, you guarantee yourself the quality of the education.

  • AQF allows people to move between various training sectors and educational institutes.

  • AQF also ensures that consistency is maintained in the qualification titles across the country.

Language Becomes No Barrier

Australia is an English-speaking country, and you will become eligible only when you have a commendable grip over the language. However, even if you are not good at it, you can look for specific language programs. Also, as the locals are friendly and welcoming, you can easily learn the language by interacting with them.

Hire A Registered Migration Agent For Professional Help

To access all these benefits, making a successful application for a student visa subclass 500 is important, and for that, you can hire a registered migration agent Adelaide. These migration agents are experienced in handling various migration cases, and thus, will be the best individuals to help you. However, whether you hire a migration lawyer or an immigration agent Adelaide, make sure that you have proper authorization.