Best 9 Strategies to Win Mahjong Solitaire Game

Mahjong Solitaire is a very popular and classic puzzle game that originates from China where it has been played for thousands of years. This game is also known as Shanghai solitaire, which is a single-player game.  There are a total 144 tiles that are arranged in a specific layout with their faces upwards.

Basically, we have to expose identical tiles by moving left or right. The exposed tiles will then be removed from the layout. We can shuffle the layout when no moves will be available, we have a maximum five shuffles allowed.

 The main objective of the game is to clear the layout by matching identical cards. There are a total of 72 cards available in the game. These 72 cards are distributed in different characters. There are as follows: Bamboos, Circles, Dragons, Winds, Seasons, and Flowers.

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To Win the Mahjong Solitaire Games You Must Know Several Strategies:

  • Always be Ready to take one step Forward:

Although the Mahjong game is simple, it is also a strategy game. Your one wrong step can lead you to make it impossible to solve anymore. For this reason, players should always have to think one step forward.

In the whole time it is very likely to have very few pairs available to match and remove. In these cases, the player should abstain from acting on need and instead take a minute to survey which pair will unlock more pieces to be played in the following moves. It is suggested to give priority to these as they allow faster progress in the game.

  •  Take your time if you don’t see instant gain:

More than half of the Mahjong games’ techniques revolve around the Idea of making pairs of identical pairs.If a pair is available on the layout but by matching it will not make the player’s  benefit, then it should be put on hold. This technique is also known as “Return on investment”.

However, this concept advises the players to put a move hold on and wait for the game to evolve and a better opportunity to come out.

  •  keep focus on the tile that have same symbol:

During the game, there are couples of identical tiles available at the same time. Making a pair of them is not a wise decision.

Instead of making a pair of them, take a long breath and see tiles that will unlock the highest number of pieces and thus allow the fastest progress during the game.

  • Be careful of similar tiles that are sit on top of each other:

Whenever you find a similar tile on top of each other, solving them is one of the main objectives of the game. Otherwise, it will create a big difficulty.

In the end of the game, these two same tiles will be left, then you lose the game. Even shuffling will not help you out because they will remain on top of each other which means the bottom tiles will never be free to be matched.

  •    Concentrate on high stacks and long rows:

Pair of identical tiles can only be made when there is no block on top and if at least one of their lateral sides should be free. Therefore, stack and row are the most complicated areas in a Mahjong solitaire formation.

The players are often can’t see which tiles hide below the upper tile in the stack. Long rows can be even more difficult as all the pieces are normally visible, but isolated.

One of the important techniques in Mahjong Solitaire is to concentrate on these areas first to avoid reaching an unsolvable stage.

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  • Remember to use game features to crack an unsolvable puzzle:

Undo and shuffle are tremendously special features in Mahjong solitaire.

When the user gets confused and reaches a stage where no move can be done then these two features will help to unlock the game again.

The shuffle option is easiest and smart. It can rearrange the tile and create multiple chances to headway in the game.

On the other hand, the undo feature helps you in the game and make the strategy game.

  • Computerized hints are not alway beneficial:

The previous technique reveals one of the strategies that players should play the game strategically. In computerized hints, no strategic analysis is used. Computer just identifies an open pair and reveals it to the player.

  • Try to learn the tiles and their position:

The hieroglyphs and the positions of the tiles are so similar and hard to differentiate them at a first look.

When they are too different, it takes too long to understand and compare them before making a pair of them. 

Serving 2 to 3 minute on remembering the position of the tiles and their hieroglyph will  decrease the time of the game. And it is one of the most useful techniques. Which set of U.S. Presidents have Descendants who are Married to Each Other?

  • Remember to unlock one tile on move:

This can be considered as the golden rule of the mahjong solitaire technique. As it represents the strategic approach required to become a master of these puzzles.

If you don’t want to lose your game then you should at least unlock one tile on one move.


If you wanna win Mahjong solitaire then you should follow these Instructions that are easy to understand and imply on the game without any risk.These Strategy gives you an uncountable way of winning the game.