Perfect weight of hildren’s bike

Where very young children do not yet have pronounced physical strength, roadmaster granite peak the situation is a bit different for six- to seven-year-old children. At this age, the children have already developed some powers. For example, they are able to push or set up their bike independently if they have fallen over.

For this reason, children are able to handle children’s bicycles, which are a little heavier. When buying, pay attention to the frame material. The aluminum frames of 20-inch children’s bicycles weigh around 11 to 13 kilos with tires. 20-inch children’s bikes are not as light as the smaller 16- and 18-inch children’s bikes.

When you buy the bike, you should also check whether your child feels comfortable on the bike and can push it. After all, every child is built differently. If your son or daughter has problems moving the bike independently, there will be no fun factor. In this case, it may be better to switch to a smaller children’s bike.

Tip: Don’t buy a 20-inch children’s bike right away just because your son or daughter is between six and seven years old or the required size. You also always have to look at whether your child can handle such a bike.

The right height and shape

When buying a new bike, men hybride bike also check to see if you can adjust the handlebars and saddle. If this is the case, you do not necessarily have to buy a smaller bike just because your child does not fit properly.

In addition, your child should have a deep entrance so that he can use the bike better in road traffic. After all, your child needs to be able to get on the saddle effortlessly. Ideally, the bike should be stable and provide an increased sense of security.

Primary equipment of children’s bikes

Of course, the equipment of a Puky 20-inch children’s bike or a bike from another brand is also important. With the right equipment, you can reduce your child’s risk of accidents in road traffic.

When buying a new 20-inch children’s bike with gear shift or hub gear, check if the brakes are working. Ideally, your bike should not only have a front brake, but also a coaster brake.

In most of the 2022 tests, it turned out that the best 20-inch children’s bikes have a front and backpedal brake. Shimano gear shifts and 20-inch children’s bike hub gears make it easier for your child to tackle off-road inclines.

By the way, gear shifts are already popular with very young children. Therefore, there is a suitable offer for a 20-inch children’s bike with gear shift. Children love to try different gears while driving.

Pay attention to further features

Whether you’re buying a 12-inch children’s bike from an unknown brand or betting on a 20-inch Puky children’s bike or a 20-inch Cube children’s bike, the following features are often found:



  • Suitable for catering
  • Should be attached to the luggage rack




  • Helps your child to be seen better in the dark
  • Are very easy to install


These features and functions are not mandatory. On the other hand, you help your son or daughter feel like a full-fledged cyclist in road traffic. As far as safety is concerned, reflectors are particularly practical in the dark.