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Custom Food Boxes

As there are so many businesses that are working around, the food business is on top of them. The food business is the only business that will never lose its charm. No matter whatever the situation is people are fond of street food.

Therefore, they like to eat food from outside. After increasing the high demand for junk, Chinese, desi and continental food brands are giving their full concentration on their food packaging. Due to this Covid situation, people are afraid to go outside. Different brands are giving take-away and home delivery to their customers. that is why they are giving full attention to designing their boxes.

However, they are hiring those who are professionals in their fields. They outstandingly design their food boxes. Similarly, we at iCustomboxes, appoint graphic designers who creatively design your custom food boxes. They think out-of-the-box while designing your food business packaging.

The more attractive your Custom Food Box are the more customers are inspired by your business. It gives more diversity to your business and also helps you to grow your business in the world.

We use Kraft paper and paper cardboard material for your food boxes

Due to the hype on this food business, every single person notices what type of material you are selecting for your business. Your quality of box gives more engagement to your business. We totally understand how much your packaging means for you and your business.

1. We are using paper cardboard material and corrugated material for your food packaging.

2. Our boxes give full security to your food and safely deliver it to its buyer.

3. Our manufacturing boxes are flexible and durable in their nature

4. Paper cardboard food boxes are very popular these days.

The paper cardboard food boxes are giving full security to your food. It reaches its receiver without creating a mess. As its purchaser never wants to receive cold or messy food. After their first experience, no one will ever give a thought to buying from your brand.

On the hand, we are also environment-friendly people. That is why we are now using kraft paper for your boxes. It will never give a nasty look in front of its purchaser. Kraft paper boxes are recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable at the same time. It creates a powerful impact on your food business.

Evaluate your business with top-notch printing

As people are becoming very knowledgeable and brand conscious. They are notices each and every detail on your boxes. firstly, they are notices your printing pattern. If they are satisfied with your printing then they will always prefer your food boxes rather than the others.

The team is using the best Digital printing technique for publishing the specific details on your food boxes. Like, the business logo, name of your business, tagline, etc. It helps your customers to recognize your boxes even from a distance. The unique design of food boxes give an immense sale to your business.

Moreover, the finishing and coating features are also available for you which are:

• The embossing,

• Raised Ink,


• Debossing

• Spot UV

Glossy lamination

• Matte lamination

• Silver foiling

And golden foiling

Clients can select from them which are suitable for their business. It totally gives a marvelous and remarkable look to your boxes. we are also making a window cut feature on your food packaging which provides an excellent look to your inside food. Because of this feature, its purchaser is easily looking inside the Cereal Box Customizer without opening them.

Food packaging at the wholesale price

We are selling food boxes at wholesale rates. Those who want them for their business can buy them in bulk. Our rates of food boxes are quite reasonable and affordable for people. People can afford our food boxes without taking any tension in mind.

1. We are providing ready-made boxes to our customers. They can buy from us when they need them for their business.

2. The flat view of our food boxes is also available for our clients

3. The 3D mock-up of the food box is also available at our company.

4. We believe in quality work because we value our clients.

5. we never compromise on the quality of our boxes as quality and box quantity are considered very important to us.

Boost your business with iCustomboxes

We are helping you in increasing your food business. Design your food box by thinking out of the way. We never compromise on your food boxes. Our team is available for you round the clock and tries to help you in any possible way.

They are also effectively solving your queries regarding your food business or food packaging. The enthusiastic team also helps you in improving the quality of your boxes

As it helps you in boosting your business all over the world.