How to Write a Memorable Eulogy and Deliver It: 7 Tips


How to Write a Memorable Eulogy and Deliver It: 7 Tips

The most crucial time in one’s life is when they have to let go of their beloved one. No one can feel the pain that is going inside that person’s hear

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The most crucial time in one’s life is when they have to let go of their beloved one. No one can feel the pain that is going inside that person’s heart. His feeling of loneliness, his desperation to see that dead soul one more time, and his fear to survive in this world without them. The warmth of their tender hands, the touch, and the smell of their pure soul are missed badly. Literally, no one can compensate for the loss that a griever has to bear.

After the loss comes the most challenging yet needful part of the ceremony which is delivering a eulogy, in the memory of that departed soul. A eulogy is a form of speech that is given in funeral services. It is like paying homage to the person we have lost. Independent research conducted between November 2013 and January 2014, proves that eulogy published in four states of America contains a graph of 930 obituaries which is 52% female in total. Isn’t this astonishing that women are the ones who make most of the eulogy.

Here we will give you seven tips that will help you write a memorable eulogy and also how to deliver it.

It should be from the heart

This is a piece of writing which should be felt with the heart. A connection should be drawn upon from the moment the eulogy begins. It should be felt like a goosebump pinching through your skin. And, that impact is created through words, which should be chosen while keeping the audience’s sentiments in mind. A heartfelt memorandum is always inclined toward the approach which is near and dear to us. So an expressive way of methodology is always the best choice during such kinds of events.


It is not an essay that has to be narrated. It is a form of speech that is short, emotional, to-the-point, and must be felt with the heart. Although we can go on and on about our loved ones who have left us. But things like this will shift the main purpose of what people have gathered for. So sticking to the main essence is a necessary virtue.

Some personal incidents attached

For instance; Michael Jackson’s eulogy was given by her dear friend Brooke Shields, is one of the most sentimental ones given in the industry so far. The actress chooses to call Michael not a pop star but little Prince, as it has deep and rooted value attached to it. This serves the purpose of giving some personal incidents a light. Things like this play a vital role in catching the essence of the event. Not only that, if a dear friend is giving the eulogy, so he can share some insights into what that person was like in school or how he managed to win such prestigious awards. For instance; during Stephen Hawking’s funeral ceremony everyone knows how great a scientist he was but, his son gave the eulogy and shows the world what kind of father the great physics prodigy was. He shows his vulnerable side, that kind of side that was unknown to the entire globe.


Begin with a quote

It always works in favor when you begin something with a notable quotation or a phrase loved by the person who is departed. It gives an impactful start to the eulogy and can drive the attention of the crowd even those who don’t know them, will eagerly feel attached to them. This is a very common eulogy style that is adopted by most grievers.

Keep calm and be yourself

The day when your loved one will be buried or cremated will be the saddest for you. That day no matter how much you are well prepared and how controllable you feel within yourself. But, emotions are bound to drive you and will be going to compel you to take over your consciousness. It is certainly ok to make mistake while delivering the eulogy, it is normal if you cry in between it. People understand how difficult it must be for you to stand and say things in the memory of your beloved ones. So no need to panic, if you are an academic student and can write my essay then no need to worry or to ask anyone’s help, and don’t apologize for it. As people there know under what emotional pressure you are going through.

Also, remember to be yourself. Just believe in the power of Almighty that he bestowed upon you and chosen you to deliver such an important thing. So make most of it and trust your instincts.

Deliver like a story

Don’t say all the events of the deceased like a list. Instead of this share one or two stories about their personal or professional life. Which can teach someone a lesson and give an idea like how a happy and a celebrated person he was. This will not only help others to remember him as a happy person but also shed a light on what your loved one personality was like. Recently, at thanksgiving how a heartfelt eulogy for the late Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip by a student moved Queen Elizabeth II to thank her personally. As the girl attached some personal stories and her encounter with the late Prince.

Make a mind picture

Through your words, you can create a lasting impact on any person’s mind. As words carry huge weight attached to them and through them, you can make or break someone’s identity. And that is why it is the prime responsibility of the person who is delivering and also writing the eulogy to use vocabulary carefully. The selection of the words should be used wisely as it should not hurt anyone’s sentiments. Using them with utmost care is a very essential task.

To sum up

All in all, a eulogy is a heartfelt note, as a tribute to the deceased soul. It pays regard to the one, who has left us alone in this world. To celebrate their achievement, their ideology toward life, and what they have done for mankind, all this is talked about in the eulogy. If you need to write an essay on this then you must consult essay writing service usa. It is a heartfelt connection that is described through words and delivered with emotions. But, there are certain things which should be kept in mind like long essays should be avoided, a personal touch is mandatory, if it begins with a favorite quote of the departed soul will be great, and also read it like a story from their point of view. Such things will put an emotional quotient attachment and the grievers could understand the significance attached to it.