How to save your family photos by using custom photography packaging

Photography businesses have to provide an outstanding experience to the people getting their family, tours, wedding, or any type of albums. Custom album boxes are such an amazing option that also helps in business marketing along with raising aesthetics. Photograph businesses can get their logo, name, and other details printed over them to build a relationship with clients. Modern digital printing technology provides an outstanding print result. Packaging companies fulfill all the needs like custom size and embellishment of add-ons. Some popular designs come with a hinged, magnetic, and removable lid for these boxes to place and take out the albums stylishly.

Pictures are the best source to preserve the family history and forward it to the next generations. However, people often face several challenges in preserving family photos. Luckily, the packaging firms now offer custom album boxes that any individual or business can buy to preserve such pictures with emotional bonding. Here are 5 ways you can save them using this amazing packaging.

Use coated packaging 

Humidity reaches everywhere, no matter how many precautionary measures you have taken. This humidity affects the photo paper and reduces its lifetime. The pictures will lose their shine and color within a few months because of this. The album boxes with the coatings applied over them can effectively resist the humidity. The cardboard itself creates a barrier against the moisture, and the coatings applied over it will further stop moisture from penetrating through walls. Some common types of coatings having such attributes are varnish, gloss, matte, spot UV, and matte UV. Such coatings also resist the water, smudges, and all types of liquids from accidentally passing through the box walls and reaching photos.

Use fabric-covered boxes

It is understood now that the photography packaging will prevent the pictures from moisture and other elements. However still, protection is needed to ensure safety in every regard. For this purpose, a box with thin fabric sheets wrapped all around is the perfect option. This fabric sheet minimizes the risk of any damage to the cardboard that can ultimately affect the pictures placed inside. Some common risks that this sheet minimizes are the edge crush and the decreasing life of packaging. The longer the box lasts, the longer the pictures will remain protected. Additionally, a box with such attributes also looks fascinating, and value addition will be made to the lovely family picture archives.

Add a tissue layer

The protection measures do not end outside the box or by simply putting the pictures in an album. The cardboard boxes you have selected for the preservation of family pictures need to be perfect in every regard. For this purpose, a box should have a thin tissue or parchment paper layer. This parchment or tissue layer looks quite fascinating and resists the temperature, dust, and other factors that could affect the photo paper. Businesses can take advantage of here by printing the logo over this paper or tissue sheet. Moreover, they can also print the title of the album over it.

Prefer a magnetic closure

Influencing factors show their effect only when they get a way to reach the pictures. It commonly happens on leaving the pictures openly or in an ordinary box. Even the special custom album packaging becomes ineffective if it is left open accidentally. Meanwhile, small kids can also reach them and can pull apart the pictures unknowingly. The use of the packaging with the magnetic closure is a great way to save them from such harm. The magnetic effect will automatically lock the box even if left open accidentally. So, this way will minimize all the risks that possibly can damage the printed family pictures.

Prefer a rigid box with inserts

Several photography service providers also provide album pictures of the family in soft form along with printing them on the plane photo paper. They provide a backup in any case. This backup will also aid people in preserving the pictures for future generations in multiple manners. So, use the custom printed boxes with inserts and a rigid structure. The space crafted inside the luxurious foam inserts will keep the flash drive and pictures in their fixed place.

These were some simple ways that can save your family photos from all risks. Meanwhile, as a business or individual, ensure that the custom album boxes you are using have all the attributes listed above. These safety measures will indirectly enhance the aesthetics as well as guard the pictures against environmental and physical damages.

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