Children in traffic: How your child learns the rules


Children in traffic: How your child learns the rules

Children are particularly at risk in road traffic due to many restrictions. Therefore, best remote control car brands it is all the more important to

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Children are particularly at risk in road traffic due to many restrictions. Therefore, best remote control car brands it is all the more important to teach them the rules of road traffic at an early stage in order to avoid or prevent as many dangerous situations as possible.

Why do children have such a hard time on the road?

Many parents often wonder about the reckless behavior of their offspring in road traffic. However, looking at some important differences between adults and children, it becomes clear why children are particularly at risk on the way to school.

Perception and height

Adults often forget that their behavior in traffic is based on years of practice, while children have to slowly get used to the dangers looming on the way to school. In addition, the sensory organs of children are not yet fully developed: Children’s hearing cannot yet optimally filter out a sound associated with danger from a mixture of sounds. Even the ability to recognize the direction from which a sound comes is not yet fully developed in a child. Events and sounds cannot yet be properly located, and the body does not yet react optimally to them.

But that’s not all: Due to their smaller body size, the children lack the necessary overview – and they themselves are easily overlooked. With their shorter legs, they are also much slower.


Also, children’s motor skills have not yet reached their full capacity, and reaction times can be up to three times longer than those of an adult. Above all, primary school children are not yet able to concentrate on traffic lights, zebra crossings and approaching vehicles. Some children can’t even distinguish between right and left. Anyone who knows children knows that the way to school is also used to make all sorts of jokes with school friends. With all these distractions, what child thinks of the dangers posed by suddenly approaching vehicles!


Due to their lack of experience, they are not yet able to properly assess the speed of approaching vehicles and the associated dangers and have no sense of how much time they need to cross a road. Therefore, children are completely unpredictable road users who can only be protected from the dangers impending in road traffic through intensive preparation.

How do I teach my child the rules of the road?

Practice the rules of the road with your child as early as possible under realistic conditions. Also discuss with your child in detail the individual danger points on the road. Further tips can also be found at “Safe way to school: How to make your child fit”.

The prohibitions and commandments required for the correct behaviour in traffic must not be questioned. Traffic education may therefore initially seem more like a deterrent drill to your child, but without a clear announcement such as “Stop” or “Caution” it often does not work, because safety comes first.

Accompany your child at road crossings and secretly observe their behavior. Don’t frustrate your child with constant admonishment, don’t scare them unnecessarily, and also motivate them with occasional off road rc car  good remedy is also a role reversal, in which the children bring their parents to school and then point out potential dangers themselves. If you consciously make mistakes as an adult, your child will be happy if he can draw your attention to it and explain the rules to you. This, in turn, increases his motivation to behave correctly in road traffic. If the distance is not too great, let your child walk if possible. This not only relieves traffic, but also supports physical exercise and thus the health of your child.

Our tip: To teach the rules of the road, you can also use a street play carpet, traffic signs and toy cars. In this way, you can playfully build, explain and solve dangerous situations.

For on the go, the card game Sicher zum Schule von Kosmos is ideally suited.


Due to physical and cognitive abilities, some of which are not yet fully developed, primary school children up to the age of ten in particular are exposed to great dangers in road traffic, so that it is almost a duty for all parents of school-age children up to this age to ensure their safety, to inform them about the dangers lurking in road traffic and to practice the right behaviour with them on the way to school.