5 Things You Can Do With Your Kitchen Corner Area


5 Things You Can Do With Your Kitchen Corner Area

Do you have a place in your kitchen that is basically inaccessible? Kitchen corners are always challenging to deal with, especially in the kitchen are

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Do you have a place in your kitchen that is basically inaccessible? Kitchen corners are always challenging to deal with, especially in the kitchen area where you need maximum functionality and space efficiency. Either you have the wolf kitchen cabinets installed in your kitchen, it is obviously not the place where you find the much-used or much-appreciated items. Rather, it is the place where you find many of your unused items or leftovers. 

If you are dealing with a small kitchen or need to have a storage area, one of the below-listed corner cabinet design ideas can surely be the perfect solution. 

  1. Blind Corner-Base Cabinets
  2. Swing Out Cabinets
  3. Custom Drawers
  4. Slanted Pull Outs Drawers
  5. Lazy Susan Drawers

Blind Corner-Base Cabinets

Blind corner cabinets are usually found in the kitchen place where the cabinets meet their corners. They are usually deep, dark, and inaccessible. It is what happens where the simple geometry meets up taking most of the space. Instead of using the corner of your kitchen as a storage area, you can utilize this space to build cabinets to store several items. You can eliminate the area of your corner blind cabinet. This solution is one way to solve the problem of blind kitchen corner cabinets. 

Fortunately, there are great and amazing blind-corner pull-outs that can be installed at the time of installation of your cabinets. This is such a funky way to deal with your corner cabinets and you can have more space this way. 

Swing Out Cabinets

The swing-out cabinets can solve many of the problems. They have drawers on either the right side or the left side that do not reside there. In Fact, these drawers can slide over from the right-hand side or from the left-hand side from deep in the corner. That is how the swing-out shelf can pivot and fit into the cabinets. 

You can install these swing-out cabinets into the lower corner cabinets of your kitchen. This is an inventive solution to do with the corner entirely and allows you to place your kitchen cabinets drawers in that problem corner. These cabinets are a sweet addition to your kitchen and also a high-end solution to dark blind corners. 

Custom Drawers

Some of the cabinet makers offer custom designs that you can design on your own to fit corners. These are custom solutions that can be pricey but give you a perfectly finished outcome. If you have to install cabinets for your base in the kitchen, you must go for custom drawers. Because you may or may not have a space to install ready-made cabinets. Also, custom corner drawers can only work best for the base cabinets. These are not suitable for the wall cabinetry.  If you try to install these custom drawers over your wall, you are partially going to have several issues such as difficulty in door opening or accessing the stuff you put into these. 

This type of drawer works a bit better than the old-school drawers, especially in the wolf kitchen cabinets. Because this gives essentially a bigger area than the base cabinets themselves. It has a cut out of 90 degrees that makes it fit into every size of cabinet corner. 

Slanted Pull Outs Drawers

Slanted pull-out drawers are extremely good for space-saving and making it easy to add compartments to your corner cabinets. These drawers always make sure to not waste any space. Make sure not to load your corner cabinets with lots of stuff; either necessary or unnecessary. This will increase in creating mess and you may have to spend lots of your tile when it spills out. 

Lazy Susan Drawers

Lazy susan style drawers are so much evolved these days and people have been using this style of cabinets for decades. It has a simple way to solve the storage access problem. It not only rotates but also allows it to be swung out and pulled out. Lazy susan drawers tend to be sturdier and can handle heavier stuff more easily. Oftentimes, it is the great classic addition as well as the solution to your kitchen that works great. 

A trendy lazy susan cabinet installed in your kitchen corner can give you an easy reach to everything you need. It is all up to you to choose between the pie-cut drawers or the full-out trays. You can decide according to your need; either you want to give a cover to your kitchen corner or you want maximum customization of your kitchen space available.

Final Thoughts

When designing a brand new kitchen or remodeling the existing one, most people are hoping to get some creative storage solutions. Carner spaces are always tricky to deal with. Cabinets manufacturers usually consider several kitchen issues such as corner cabinet space. If you are not sure about your thoughts, all you need to do is to consult your cabinet supplier. You can choose the suggested solutions from a lot of variety available.