5 Sports Ranked From Easiest To Hardest To Bet On

All over the world betting on different sports is getting easier day by day because of the internet.

Each year approximately $500 billion money is invested. Over time more and more people are being excited and interested in putting money on sports betting.

If you are really into betting and don’t have an idea on which sport to bet then you are exactly where you have to be. As the knowledge of sports is very important before betting.

In this article, we will walk you through the 5 top-rated sports betting from easiest to hardest.

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So let’s peep into it!

1. Football:

You know what, football is the most favorite sport to bet on for gamblers. Well, football is also considered a king and is highly popular in the US. 

Now you must be wondering why it is chosen as the best betting sport. So the answer to that is, football is a more money-making sport than any other sport.

Moreover, predictions can be made on bets that have a high probability to win. What you need is skills and better knowledge of this game then nobody can stop you from acing it.

2. Basketball:

Another heavily watched sport is basketball and the NBA backs them up by making betting easy.

Furthermore, the best players group makes it even more interesting to watch, as gamblers claim that they feel like playing with them when they watch and pray for their supported player or team.

This game is super fun to watch and like football, it is also easy to predict when you keenly focus on the game and know the weak and strong points of the team.

If you are a fan of basketball then you can smoothly forecast the game and thus can hit a jackpot.

3. Boxing:


Even though boxing is not that predictable like football and basketball but still gamblers are crazy about boxing and have already chosen their favorite boxer, for example, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

If you have a close look at boxing then you will see only three possibilities: your best boxer wins or the other wins or maybe the game gets withdrawn.

If you talk generally there are about 10 rounds overall out of 12 winners of each round.

Hence it’s easy for the bettor to watch and judge more closely and the possibilities are more to win if the bettor examines the boxer’s pattern and calculates their strategies.

4. Tennis:

As we keep on going down the list the prediction gets less satisfactory but not impossible.

The good thing about tennis is that there are no draws in the game which makes it extremely safe to bet and win. But fortune is not always on our side so knowledge of the players and this game is foremost and crucial.

Furthermore, tennis works on phenomena of dominance by star power. So picking the top-rated player can give you enough chances to win money.

But if by chance both the players are super tough and expert then anyone can be a tiebreaker, that is the hardest time to make a move for gamblers.

Tennis is the favorite sport of most players and careful understanding is required to forecast who will win. So be very attentive when betting on tennis players.

5. Baseball:

Despite being the most-watched and admirable sport it is also the hardest nut to crack. Heck, it’s believed that it is a very incalculable game. Gamblers often find it hard to judge who will win.

It’s usually seen that even if everything is in favor, like the pitch, strength, etc of your betted team, still there is no guarantee that they will win.

All in all baseball games required more deep analytical thinking and accurate calculation.


The best sports to bet on for you will be one of which you have complete know-how.

Because directly that will generate more money for you. So you need to focus on your abilities first to earn the most out of them.