5 Branded Swag Items Your Clients Will Actually Use


5 Branded Swag Items Your Clients Will Actually Use

Branded swag is an easy way to get your company in front of your prospects without spending much money upfront. Unlike traditional advertising and mar

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Branded swag is an easy way to get your company in front of your prospects without spending much money upfront. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing, branded swag allows you to provide a valuable physical product that your prospects use daily. The advantage of using branded swag is that your clients will use the product and become accustomed to having branded swag in their offices. Branded swag items are much less expensive than traditional advertising materials such as magazines, brochures, and direct mail. They also tend to be more effective because people like to have a prize or a gift with their purchase. Here we shall discuss 5 Branded Swag Items your clients will use.

1. Lanyards

Lanyards are a great way to hand out your brand or company name at tradeshows, expos, trade shows, and conventions. Lanyards are also great if you want to hand out something small and inexpensive. Since lanyards come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, your prospects can use them. Many people store multiple items on their lanyards, such as their work ID card, gym card, or even their keys. Lanyards are a great example of branded swag because aside from your company name or logo, they can also hold other essential items that are needed daily.

2. Customized Pens

Customized Pens are a more effective way of promoting your brand or company than other forms of advertising. It lets you tell your personalized story to your prospects very vividly. Since customized pens have many different designs and shapes, they are usually very versatile and be used by many other companies. The best way to use customized pens is by giving them out to prospects as promotional items. You use them in conjunction with promotional items that are already popular such as pens and pencils.

3. Phone Cases

Phone cases are a great way of keeping your company name or logo in front of prospects. The best part about phone cases is that since they come in many shapes and sizes, they accommodate any phone. It allows you to tell your story uniquely by including your logo or brand name on the outside and using the inside for storage purposes. Custom iPhone cases are an excellent way for your prospects to have something new or unique that can be used daily. The quality of the cover, many iPhone casings are also made with anti-scratch and anti-slip material, which is excellent for holding the phone in place.

4. Note Cards

Note cards are an inexpensive way of telling the story of your company. It allows you to distribute value in the form of promotional items. Note cards will enable you to hand out a physical product that is extremely useful and practical. Note cards are made with high-quality materials, which are more effective than other promotions because they last longer and won’t quickly get damaged. Note cards effectively hand out information to prospects because of the direct and simple approach.

5. Pins

Customized pins are an excellent way for your clients to have a piece of your company in their daily lives. It allows you to give them something simple, sturdy, and valuable. Customized pins are very effective because they are colorful and flashy, bringing customers a level of attention. It is a great way to develop brand loyalty. Pins are one of the most popular giveaway forms because they are simple, practical, and fun to wear. With customized pins, you allow your prospects to spread the word about your company. Pins are also very versatile because a single pin can be used for any occasion.


Branded swag is an excellent way of getting your company name and logo in front of your prospects without spending much money upfront. It allows you to provide a useful, practical, and valuable product to the customers and prospects. It is inexpensive to get your brand name and logo in front of your prospects. Branded swag is more effective than other forms of advertising because it allows you to show your competitors what your company is all about in a very vivid and personal manner. With personalized swag items, you can tell your company story in a very customized way and allow your brand name to gain the loyalty of your customers.