ZeroBugs No more ticks!

Sun, pleasantly warm temperatures, and also the days are getting longer – this is unfortunately not only pleasant for us but also for uninvited guests in animal fur. Of course, we are talking about ticks that are only too happy to bite on our beloved four-legged friend. In this way, walking through the forest can be unpleasant for the dog and owner. In this article, we explain the advantages of Max & Molly’s innovative tick repellent.


ZeroBugs by Max & Molly

The tick topic is not only for dog owners every year again an annoying shearing – scanning for ticks, the question of the right repellent… That is now over! Because Max & Molly Urban Pets have dedicated themselves exactly to this topic and offer with ZeroBugs tick protection that works completely without chemical substances.


Chemical-free tick protection – but how?

Max & Molly rely on innovative ultrasound technology. Unlike many other anti-tick remedies “miracles”, ZeroBugs does not emit odorous substances or chemical substances. ZeroBugs is therefore completely non-toxic and can be used without hesitation. The ultrasonic impulses are not noticeable for dogs and humans, all the more so for uninvited ticks and other insects. Ticks are preventively kept away from your pet and you (radius of action about 1.5 m!), so the ZeroBugs tick protection is suitable for puppies, kittens, pregnant animals, and especially older and sensitive dogs.

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And that really helps?

Yes, absolutely! The product ZeroBugs was tested in a university study in Italy and found to be good. The scientific laboratory of the University of Camerino (Italy) confirms the effectiveness against parasites and pests, as well as the safety for humans and pets. With a success rate of 76%, it has absolutely convinced us personally and is part of the must-have range for spring.


In use every day – for a whole 10 months!

A small tab is attached to the product. If this is removed, the lithium battery (which cannot be replaced) receives the starting signal. The battery lights up five times and you’re ready to go. The battery lasts about 10 months after activation. You can check the functionality of the battery at any time by pressing the small button. When the LED flashes, the battery is still in operation. You can attach ZeroBugs like a small pendant simply to the collar or harness, the slit points to the carcass. Available simply in white or black or in stylish orange or neon yellow.


Competition for the start of the tick season

Have you already had to remove the first tick from the fur of your four-legged friend? At the latest with the removal of the first tick, it is clear: the tick season has already begun and it is best to take prophylactic measures to protect the four-legged friend from the black beasts and fleas. 

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