Wool blended thermals

The best way to keep warm during winters is dependable upon the layering of your warm clothes. There are basically three types of layers. The inside or base layer, the middle layer, and the outer layer. Each layer is important and has a specific purpose. First, there’s a close-to-the-skin layer like thermal underwear for your upper and lower body Second, then a nice cozy, bulky, warm layer like a sweater or fleece layer, and third, a windproof or waterproof coat-layer over the first two layers to finish off. An excellent combination of these layers is good enough to keep you warm and cozy throughout the harsh winter.

For outdoor and indoor winter activities, it is the insulation of each layer that determines what best suits your activity. For example, for that fishing trip up north, you would need the heavyweight layers (and more than three layers for sure) but for a trip to the mall, you’d need the lightweight option. For an afternoon of outdoor skating, the light or perhaps mid-weight layers would serve you well and for skating or walking faster, a lightweight option for the inner layer is the best option. It may be noted that proper wicking or porosity of the inner layer is very important so that the sweat passes out and one does not feel uncomfortable. The inner layer is closest to your skin and, therefore, should be tight-fitting or body-contoured, for example, among underwear, thermal underwear, and silk thermal underwear. The inner layer should be lightweight.

The best types of innerwear would be in Polypropylene, a polyester-spandex blend, and specific types like Insulate or silk or Cotton-polyester-spandex blend.

For everyday winter wear, a cotton-poly-spandex blend is very comfortable and is reasonably priced. Price can vary with silk being the most expensive but still affordable, then polypropylene and the most affordable is the cotton-spandex blend.

The middle layer is the one that provides the best insulation. It allows the warmer air you’ve generated to circulate within its confines, yet still be able to escape from your inner core so you don’t become overheated and feel warm and comfortable. Polyester, wool, down and blends of man-made and natural materials work very well as middle layers

The best types to middle wear layer would be wool, a second fleece or combination of wool, and a man-made blend. Wool can be heavy to wear although there are lightweight wools too you can buy. Both fleece and combination blends are lightweight but still very warm.

The outside layer is the one that is the most exposed to the elements and shields you from wind and water. The best types to wear in this category would be nylon, micro-fibers, Polyesters/Nylon blends.

And wool (warm but not generally wind or waterproof) and water-resistant. Waterproof outer layers are very lightweight, easy to maintain, and are priced less and hence very popular.

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