Why Spray Tan Toronto Consultations Are Important

A spray tan Toronto consultation is one of the most important things you can do to figure out what your client needs, what they want, and how to give it to them. Taking an extra 5 minutes at the beginning of the appointment to ask a few important questions will save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run. A consultation can also help people stay away from things that could ruin their tan. Time is money, after all. We all want to work less and make more money, don’t we?

Having this talk with your client before they take off their clothes and get into the spray tan position will help avoid awkwardness and make your life much easier.

For what event is your client getting a spray tan Toronto?

I always think about things like what my client will be wearing, especially if they’re spraying for an event and not just for everyday life. I mostly do this because I want TAN LINES! As a spray tan Toronto artist, it’s your job to know how much skin will be showing so you can spray your client in the right way.

Also, if it’s for a party, what colour will they wear? Some colours, like white and neon, can make a spray tan Toronto look darker than it really is. When deciding which solution to use, this needs to be taken into account. (If your client is spraying for an event like a wedding or photoshoot where a professional photographer will be there, this is a great time to get that photographer’s information for follow-up photos. Most professional photographers have social media accounts and will post those beautiful photos for you to share.

How should they tan?

Even though it sounds like a cliche, clients should help decide what shade their best tan is, but not what solution to use. (The pro will decide based on how well you know the product and what you know about it).

A client’s idea of a dark tan may be very different from what you think of as a dark tan, so it’s important to make sure you both have the same idea. The client will often pull up a picture on their phone to show you what kind of tan they want. As a trained sunless professional, it’s your job to know what each client’s skin type is and what they can realistically hope to achieve. (I can’t say enough about how important skin typing is for beginning artists.)

Also, keep in mind that what they want might not look good on their skin or even be possible. So it’s important for the client and the spray tan Toronto artist to talk to each other in an open way.

Have they done the right things to get ready for their tan, or have they done anything?

This is a question I ask a lot, especially to my new clients and people who only come once a year. Put preparation suggestions on your website or in the booking confirmation email, so visitors know what to do. Why does it matter to you if skin prep wasn’t done right? Because if it wasn’t, you could tell them what problems they might face. Also, being a regular doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have to do prep. I have also seen a lot of regulars become lazy. Use this time to teach clients who need help what to do.

As a sunless professional, you should show your client how to wear their spray tan Yonge and Eglinton and tell them what to do afterwards.

Your client won’t like her spray tan if her skin is flaky or patchy on the second day because she didn’t prepare well or because she didn’t know what products to avoid. But in the end, we all want a client who is still happy 5 days after getting a spray tan Toronto.

Based on the answers to the questions I asked before, I can then suggest products that will help their spray tan Toronto last longer and meet their needs. The Perfect Glow Sunless luxury body lotion and the Daily Body Wash are two of my favourites. They both keep you very hydrated and make a big difference in how long you live.

If you are too busy to talk to your clients about how to care for their skin after a tan, you should train your receptionist or another employee to do so. However, this should never be ignored.

In the end, we should all want our customers to leave our salons having learned something and feeling happy. By taking the time to do the consultation in return, I know that the next time I talk to them, they will refer me to someone else or give me a good review. It may seem inconvenient to add 5–7 minutes to your personal consultation appointment times, but I promise that in the long run, this will save you time!


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