Why People are Afraid of Public Speaking?

“A lot of people think that public speaking means that you are standing at a podium giving a speech, but public speaking comes in lots of different formats.” – said, Dana Perino

Well, fear of speaking in front of the public is known as “Glossophobia” in medical terms. A study says that nearly 75 % of people have this problem when they speak in front of a crowd.

To make you understand here is why people are afraid of public speaking.

Social Anxiety:

Well, social anxiety is the most common reason why people are afraid of speaking in public. From our childhood, we have been tough to not talk to any stranger. So, from childhood, it creates a fear in our mind that an unknown person can not be trusted and you should not talk to them. But when we enter adulthood this becomes a very big problem for when we try to talk to any stranger. Public speaking is all about talking to new people or strangers and it is completely different from talking to friends or family members. Try to expose yourself to different situations where you can meet random people like traveling the world, volunteering, or join a community service.

Lack of experience:

Well, if it is your first time presenting your speech in front of a crowd then you can feel some unknown fear and it is normal. All due to lack of experience. Doing anything for time can make you feel nervous but when you gain more experience the. it will become your second nature. Public speaking is not an impossible task when you present yourself for the first time then make sure to note down all mistakes you did in your speech and improve them when you get a second chance. You will see the changes on your own.

Lack of confidence:

You can gain confidence when you are in your own skin. There are many people who get scared of speaking in front of a large crowd; this is because of a lack of confidence. Well, when we speak in front of an audience then you inviting attention to yourself and many people have insecurities about their color, race, or physical appearance and that makes their confidence down. You need to develop some skills to improve your confidence and constantly remind yourself that you deserve the stage.

Lack of preparation:

If you want to provide a great and effective speech in front of a large crowd then make sure that you are completely prepared. Before preparing the speech you need to understand who your audience is and at what occasion you are going to present your speech. If you focus on these points then you will be able to connect with your audience with your speech more effectively and people will hear you with full interest.

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