Why Economical /Free mobile Tracker Apps are a Good Choice For Single Parents?

Looking for Free mobile Tracker Apps: People have a lot to say about their time in the lockdown.  Some will tell you even minor details about the hobby they learned or about how much they have enjoyed the time in any activity etc. I got divorced in that period and had to move out. Settling down in a new city in the middle of the pandemic with a teenager was a tough thing. On the other hand, the 11-year-old had a tantrum and all. I know it was not a pleasant situation for them as well but still like it or not we all had to go through it. So long story short I was even surprised when I got the job call after a few weeks of settling in.

I thought maybe it is a scam but turned out it was a nice workplace and they offered me the job as well. At first, I worked from home and little to opposite my expectation it was easy to blend in and learn new job and skills from home. You don’t have to go through the official welcomes and fake meetups.

Honestly, I was a mess and not in my best condition to handle such social gatherings so that happened for good and after a while, I started enjoying this new life. Though there were times when it was difficult to handle things from home in the presence of a teenager and an 11-year-old who are going through a lot but still I think we did well as a family. 

Then the time came when I had to say goodbye to remote work and had to join the office. I was nervous as well on my first day. It was going well until I got the call from home that the teen had done something from the juicer thing and it is on fire. It was a call from the younger kid and I don’t even remember how freaked out I was and how did I come back home. It was a minor accident but that was just day one. It was habit. I was having a hard time at work because of the kids. Plus working from home was easy and cost-efficient as I did not have to pay extra money for extra things.

Now that I had to go out the budget was badly shaken. In the middle of all, I was about to explode when my sister came to town for the resue. At first, she did a little scolding the kids and had some private sessions with them. Secondly, she told me to get at least a free mobile tracker for the kids. She told me she knew that I will not agree with the paid one so at first, she asked to just try a free version. On her way back after a few days, she told me she has some recommendations for paid spy apps as well, particularly the OgyMogy which she is personally using. Here is what I had to say about my experience.

  • Use of parental control apps or spy apps is the best thing I learned about in recent years. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept must try. 
  • The free mobile tracker is good but comes with a lot of risks. You should be prepared to waste your time as there is no guarantee that you will like the free app or not will it be according to your demands and needs. 
  • Some free mobile tracker apps offer a free trial and others are simply free to use. Choose according to your circumstances. 
  • I did waste my time on some free apps as I thought a paid one will cost me a fortune. And at that time I was not ready to invest in such a thing. 
  • Later on, I finally realised that this technology is worth the try and I should invest some money. I tried OgyMogy android spyware as recommended by my sister and believe me guys my life has been so much more relaxed and stressed free since that day. 

Though the installation may be a difficult process for some of us once you are through the process, a free mobile tracker app or paid one can make your life stress free.