Why Does Snapchat Keep Saying Tap To Load?

Snapchat is an amazing platform to stay in touch with your friends and family as it comes with easy and quick features like adding friends and others. But sometimes users will see that they have to tap to load a snap which could be very much annoying for the users. And this is why the users must be wondering what tap to load mean on Snapchat. 

You are at the right place as in this blog today we are going to have a look at the issue of tap to load the snap and to know more about it the users need to stick to the article till the end. 

What Causes the Issue of Tap to Load Snap?

It is a default feature of Snapchat that it downloads the snaps you receive automatically and the users just need to click on the snap to see it. But users nowadays are facing issues with this feature as the snaps are not being loaded on their own and the users have to load the snaps, which means they have to manually download the snaps and then view them. 

This problem of tap to load snap might be occurring because of the network issues with the internet. And if your internet is working properly then the cause of the issue might be some other thing, to know more about it let us have a look at the fixes which are given below to fix this issue. 

Ways to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Issues with the snaps 

1. Disabling data saver on Snapchat 

There is an inbuilt feature in Snapchat made to save data; the name of the feature is travel mode. This feature reduces the use of data and helps you to save it. You need to turn off this option by launching the app and then going to the settings option. In settings, you will see the option of data saver which you need to turn off so that the issue of Snapchat tap to load could be fixed for you. 

2. Turning off optimization on Snapchat

Another way to fix the issue you are dealing with is to turn off the optimization on Snapchat. To turn off the optimization the users need to follow some very simple steps which are – 

  • Open Snapchat on your device and then move to the settings option. 
  • In the settings section, the users will see the apps tab on which they have to click. 
  • Now, click on Snapchat option followed by the battery option. 
  • In the optimize battery usage option the users have to select ‘All’ and then finally turn off the optimization of the app. 

3. Disabling battery saver mode on Snapchat 

The majority of people keep their battery saver mode on to lengthen the life of the battery of their device, but this battery saver mode might be the reason causing issues like Snapchat loading for the users. So, the users need to turn off this mode as battery mode might be restricting background apps and not allowing them to run.

  • Open your device and then go to the settings app of your device. 
  • In the settings app, the users need to look for device care and then click on it. 
  • Now, click on battery, and followed by battery option you need to look for the power mode on which you have to click. 

Users can get to know more about such ways to fix the issues with Snapchat and loading snaps on the website known as Onlinegeeks  , where you will get the answers to all your questions and will also be able to fix issues. 


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