Why Custom Boxes Are an Essential Component of Gift Packaging?

When styling gift boxes what comes to mind? Sleek and elegant custom boxes made with premium textures make up our imagination and there is good reason for this.

Many brands out there fuel their sales growth by providing gift packaging along with their products. These are both offered on demand (at an extra cost) or as a permanent packaging partner for branded products.

Whatever the reason is, the escalation in customer demand for exclusive packaging shows just how effective gift-like boxes are to improve brand awareness. Customers constantly look for premium shopping experiences and settle for brands that extend such vibes time and again.

If you are looking for cost-effective ways to enhance sales revenues and/or generate positive customer reactions, opting for gift boxes can be God-sent for your business.

Numerous boxes are available to get inspiration for creating exclusive box appeal. These 5 strongest methods tap the brand’s potential the right way.

Curious to know what they are? Read on.

Gift boxes for the ages

It doesn’t matter what you sell or who your target customers are; unless you give them a compelling reason to buy your brand on a loop, your sales levels can’t possibly hit the mark.

How often do you consider the brand’s packaging before ordering or buying their products? How do customers judge between companies offering identical products? Even if we admit it or not, the outer packaging boxes majorly influence our purchase decisions.

People always like to receive gifts. They attach a pleasing sense of fulfillment with them. The idea behind creating gift packaging is to extend the same feelings to the brand. Customers go through a gamut of emotions when they get their purchases in thick boxes made with regal colors and designs.

While many people may have a general perception of how the boxes look, they often don’t pay much attention to the subtle branding details that create a favorable aura around the brand.

Let us look at these in-depth so your business can use the gift boxes for maximum customer satisfaction.

Utilize more than one box material for the job

The rigid stock paper is the first choice for crafting gift boxes. But it can get a little costly for some new startups. Customizing corrugated and cardboard materials can also serve the purpose effectively.

These paper stocks are easily available in every trading store. For enhancing the presence of your gift boxes you can add customized printing on them and finishing options to create high-impact communications channels.

Certain brands also use newspapers as a cover on their brown gift boxes. This is used cleverly by employing the sewing machine to stitch newspaper pages into large sheets of gift wrap. Ribbons made from old VHS tapes highlight a recycled theme and complement the black-and-white color scheme.

Likewise, using ribbons, paper decorations, customer perforations, and more works to generate individual gift custom boxes that are above-par than others.

Exclusive box cuts

Like there are numerous material choices to craft and design the gift boxes, there are more than a handful of box shapes to pick from too.

Mailer boxes, folding cartons, and auto-lock shapes are the most common ones. You can have any other box form you like and think would go with your products. Your business can also use this opportunity to create well-fitted boxes that provide an exceptional grade of protection and radiate a more premium brand image with thick cuts. Designs and gift box styling look even better on unconventional box structures.

custom boxes

Engaging brand logos

Expanding brand recognition is the foremost priority of businesses. It is after all why they pick unique gift packaging in the first place!

Putting the brand logo in the most visible spot is, however, tricky. It depends on your box shape. If the boxes are more vertical, then the best spot would be on the top corner of the longer sides. Otherwise, if the packaging is horizontal, the top of the boxes would work best to print the brand logo.

Moreover, the box colors define how the brand logo should look. You can use a plethora of visual effects such as foil stamping, embossing, and debossing, etc., to make the brand name and emblem stick out. Gift packaging is an extension of the brand and provides a window into business ethics and values.

Personalized colors

Every brand has an individual color combo as part of its identity. Picking these and mixing them with gift box features offers productive results.

Customer demographics respond differently to every color. You can determine your core customers to pick suitable color hues. For instance, tech-savvy buyers prefer lighter-colored boxes to cosmetic lovers. Also, if your target buyers are teenagers, the boxes should support neon or bold colors. The box seals can look more hip using innovative tabs and locks to radiate a youthful brand vibe.

Custom Box manufacturers offer smart printing software that helps to create prototypes of different box styles. This means you can design freely and try varied color combos before locking the final look.

Descriptive texts

People love to explore their gift boxes. They turn them around and look for more surprises. It serves as an efficient marketing tool. Your brand can print essential brand and product info on the boxes. It helps to culminate customers’ trust in the brand.

Certain products like medicines, food, and supplements, must come with certain mandatory details. If you don’t want to print the gift boxes top with these then you can conveniently utilize the inner box space for the same. Otherwise, you can add in important instructions on separate parchments if you have the relevant budget.

Using the box opening tabs for welcoming or thanking customers is also a good way to hype their excitement for receiving your gift custom boxes.


Investing in gift packaging certainly will pay off when you use it alongside the stated methods. These simplify the design process and help to cut costs too. Your brand can benefit from elevated sales revenues resulting from mesmerized customers.