Why a Reversible Fur Coat Is Worth the Money

With winter well on its way, you fashion-savvy shoppers had better get ready. Unless your plan is to rep the same looks you wore all through last season, it’s high time to invest in a new coat. Actually, that time was months ago, but better late than never!

We’re here to advocate for the tremendous value and utility of a reversible fur coat – and not a faux fur coat that happens to be reversible. A bonafide, genuine reversible fur coat that is trimmed with luxurious mink, fox, or some other fur.

You might be thinking that, for the money, why would you ever want to get a fur coat that could be reversed, when that would be sort of like hiding the beauty of the fur, should you ever be to do so.

Well, yes and no – it doesn’t paint the full picture.

All the Warmth and Other Benefits of Fur
First up, it’s the utility of genuine fur. There’s simply nothing like it to keep you warm and well insulated from the elements. When the temperature drops, nothing can keep you cozy like genuine fur or even wool.

It’s something that humans have known nearly innately for thousands of years and something that, somewhat amusingly, modern synthetics can’t match. Yes, genuine fur may come with a weighty price tag, but it’s justified in function. Some natural materials, like wool, actually retain most of their insulative properties even when wet.

Plus, when properly cared for, a genuine fur coat will be an heirloom that is likely to outlast you, not to mention that it will add copious class to your wardrobe.

That covers the justification for genuine fur – but how about the need for a reversible coat?

Protect Your Investment from Inclement Weather
One of the greatest natural advantages of a reversible fur coat is that when the weather really takes a turn downhill, you can protect your investment simply by flipping the coat inside out.

The thing about genuine furs is that, while they will protect you against ice and snow, it’s really not a good thing to expose them to excess moisture. It’s bad for the fur and it could be bad for the liner as well.

When the weather shifts course and heads south, just flip that fur jacket around to protect your fur by keeping it on the inside – and by the way, that fur will still keep you warm!

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