Who makes rim trees?

Since Stiftung Warentest has not yet published a rim tree test, we would first like to draw your attention to the summer tire test published in issue 03/2015 and the test of winter tires from issue 10/2015.

However, if you now want to choose your personal rim tree test winner, best sander for trim work you must first decide on a manufacturer or a brand, of which we would like to recommend Cartrend, which has a wide range of car accessories to offer.

In addition, the following manufacturers are also worth a recommendation:


  • Dino 
  • Formula 
  • Torrex 
  • TecTake 
  • Autonik 
  • Jago


Depending on the scope of delivery, certain rim tree wagon models can also be equipped with an additional protective cover. This not only protects the car wheels from dust and dirt, but also from water ingress through the ceiling or weather-unprotected external storage and the formation of rust.

Certain models are also supplied with a tire marker set or a tread depth gauge. The former allows the wheels to be marked, which makes it easier to determine which wheel was previously mounted at which point on the vehicle the next time they changed tires.

The tread depth gauge, on the other hand, makes it possible to determine the depth of the tread of the tire. For Germany, the minimum depth of the profile is 1.6mm. Tires that are more worn are therefore no longer suitable for road traffic and must therefore be replaced.

Important questions and answers about rim trees

How much does a rim tree cost?

Rim trees are available in different price categories. The price usually depends on the size, accessories of the brand, and how much weight the rim tree can carry.

A wide selection can be found in specialist shops and especially on online portals such as eBay and Amazon.

When should I choose a rim tree with tires?

Some rim trees have tried to move the tree. A mobile rim tree makes sense especially if you only have limited space in your garage and have to transport the rim tree back and forth.

Do I have to buy an additional protective cover for the WilTec 51457 rim tree?

Yes, the scope of delivery does not include a protective cover for the tires.best drum floor sander almost all other models from our rim tree comparison have protection included.

What is the maximum tire diameter that fits on the Autonik rim tree?

The mobile model 113310 is suitable for all common car rims with a maximum tire diameter of 720 mm.

What is the maximum load weight of the tire stand?

The Monza model from DEMA carries up to four complete wheels and a total weight of 100 kg.

How is the 82116 tire wagon equipped?

The item from HP-Autozubehör has a parking brake, four rim plates, and a protective cover made of nylon.