Which gadgets are useful in everyday life?

Motorcycle headset: How to communicate easily with passengers and passengers, helmets for hoverboards if you are often in a group or with a passenger, motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth headsets could be suitable for you.

These not only enable uncomplicated communication with each other, often even between several people at the same time, but are also suitable for using the navigation system or playing music via smartphone.

A distinction is made between Bluetooth headsets already integrated into the helmet and those that can be retrofitted later.

Bluetooth headset integrated into the motorcycle helmet


  • Headset in comparison very well integrated into the motorcycle helmet (no clearly visible transmitters or receivers on the helmet)
  • Better noise reduction during transmission
  • Easy to understand even at lower volumes
  • Repairs are often expensive, and replacement is only possible by a specialist
  • Still relatively low supply and higher acquisition costs


Bluetooth headset for retrofitting


  • Cheaper to buy
  • Visually usually a bit more conspicuous
  • Usually uncomplicated installation
  • Wide range
  • Sound quality may be slightly worse than with integrated systems
  • Exchange to be carried out quickly and easily


Topcase and helmet bag: How to store your helmet safely at all times

A top case is a type of suitcase that is made of aluminum or plastic and can be attached to the luggage rack of the motorcycle, for example. Due to the height and usually rounded shape, it is often easy to find a shelf for the motorcycle helmet.

Make sure your top case is lockable and weatherproof. In addition, you should check in advance whether the external dimensions of your motorcycle helmet allow stowage at all and whether you may need an adapter to attach the top case to the motorcycle. You can determine the external dimensions of the motorcycle helmet using a tape measure.

A sensible purchase is the practical transport boxes for all those who want to do smaller shopping with their bike from time to time or leave their motorcycle helmet dangling on a safe shelf instead of dangling on the handlebars if a short distance has to be done during the tour.

As a suitable motorcycle helmet abalge for the home, you can either choose a helmet mount or opt for a wall mount or a shelf as a shelf for the motorcycle helmet.

In addition to shopping and the motorcycle helmet, glasses, purses, or even travel utensils for a short trip can also be found in a top case.

Whether such a box is also worthwhile for you, you can find out from the following advantages and disadvantages listed on the comparison portal.



  • Optimal to store motorcycle helmet, gloves, or, depending on the size, a motorcycle jacket during stops
  • Can also be used for shopping or small tour equipment
  • Theft protection for valuables and helmets on lockable models



  • Additional cost factor
  • Visually quite a matter of taste


If you want your motorcycle helmet to be safely stored after cleaning, best electric stakeboards especially at home or during a holiday in the hotel, you can use a helmet bag instead.

This ensures that your helmet is not scratched and is protected against minor bumps or bumps. Ideally, helmet pockets should be breathable and have sufficiently long handles. In this way, the motorcycle helmet can also be transported better and gentler than on its locking straps.