What is the MLM downline and why should I care

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. MLM is a technique of business, where everyone who wants to participate in MLM should buy the MLM products and sell them at MLM prices. Many people work as independent consultants or distributors of MLMs because they hope that their own MLM downline will grow and bring them money. One such MLM company, Amway has been around for several years now and we wrote an article about it before too: What is Amway Anyway?

How do you build a successful MLM business?

Building an MLM downline is no piece of cake. People who work as MLM distributors are expected to network with them, introduce them to the MLM business opportunity, and sell MLM products to them. MLM companies provide much less support in building MLMs compared to traditional businesses. They force participants in MLM to learn everything through self-help e-books or tapes, seminars, etc. Many times even these resources are available only at extra cost. MLMs keep their prices high compared to their competition because MLM companies expect participants in MLM to make money for both themselves and the company too when they help others build their MLMs. Imagine yourself sitting at home and convincing your friends and relatives who visit you every day to join the MLM business and buying MLM products from you. When they will start making money in MLM, your MLM downline will automatically grow too.

There are many MLMs available today but Amway is not just any other MLM company. This is the oldest MLM company in existence and has been around for several decades now. You can rely on it if you want to choose an MLM for yourself and we suggest before joining any MLM you should read about Amway: What is Amway Anyway?

In order to build a successful MLM business, you need to consider a variety of factors: how strong the support system is if the product lineup appeals to you personally, and what kind of reputation the MLM has.

The benefits of an MLM downline structure

An MLM downline structure is the MLM distributor’s own MLM branch that comes under his or her control. If you are an MLM consultant your MLM downline will consist of other MLMs which you have built up under your “umbrella”. The first step towards building an MLM business should be to build a strong MLM downline for yourself. To make money in MLM, it is not enough to sell products and services of your MLM company to people whom you meet personally or who come into contact with you because of some reason. You must develop personal relationships with people outside your circle too, to help them build their MLMs and buy products from you at regular intervals. This way your Original MLM downline will grow and you will be able to make money in MLM, without much effort.

When you choose MLM for yourself and start building MLMs for other people too, the MLM products or services that you sell must appeal to your MLM downlines

The benefits of an Amway upline structure

If you choose to build MLMs under Amway’s umbrella, keep in mind that there are several different ways to go about this task. You can either buy the MLM starter kit from Amway for $65 or more or you can choose to work as an independent consultant for Amway by buying only their product catalogs at $15 per month. Both these options are explained here: MLM Demo Starter Kit 

However, if you buy an MLM starter kit from Amway and later choose to become an independent consultant for Amway without buying their MLM starter kit. Your MLMs will vanish because Amway has designed this MLM business opportunity in such a way that it can be handed over only to those who have bought the MLM starter kit. This is something that many distributors do not understand when they sign up as an independent consultant of Amway without first buying an MLM starter kit from them. They then complain about how much money they lose by not having their own MLM downline under which they could sell products and services at high MLM prices.

The difference between MLMs and other marketing channels

To decide whether MLM is too much work or not, you should consider all the MLM marketing channels available in your MLM business. Many MLMs are being sold online in which you have to create MLM websites, ezines, etc. To market MLMs of this kind, you will need several different skills so that when people visit MLM websites or read about MLMs in your ezine they can see your wide range of MLM knowledge.

Some other MLMs are also multi-level marketing schemes but are more relaxed about the number of levels involved in them. This makes these kinds of MLMs ideal for distributors who do not want to spend too much time on building an extensive MLM downline under them because all MLM business done under these MLMs are limited to MLMs being sold by you under your MLM downline or to your referrals.


Therefore, the choice of MLM for yourself depends on what kind of MLM marketing channels you want to use in your MLM business. If you choose an MLM that requires working with several different MLM marketing channels simultaneously because it is one of many MLMs being sold online, then this will be too much work for you and it would be better if you chose another business opportunity because building an extensive MLM downline will take up all your time unless you can find some other person who can do that job for you. Yet if the MLM that you have chosen is MLM friendly and you can handle all MLM marketing channels being used in it with ease, then that MLM business will be quite profitable for you.


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