West Elm Discount Code Use For Home Décor

5 Genius Home Décor Ideas with Indoor Plants

Your house may not be the biggest, but that does not mean it needs to look boring. You don’t need square footage to make your house look lively, bright and full of life. A few well-placed indoor plants can get the job done for you and make your house feel and look like a home.

Finding home decoration items is much easier, now that you can easily find the items you like at West Elm and score with a West Elm discount code. The best way to make use of the space you have is by using decorative indoor plants and bringing some life back into your home.

There is a wide range of gorgeous and modern indoor planters at West Elm that you can get with a west elm discount code. These planters are an excuse for you to get some greenery in your house and make sure you don’t let your house look boring and drab.

Plants are very easy to place in a house and you can decorate your house with it just fine. You don’t have to get some real plants; some faux ones will be fine as well so that you don’t have to worry about watering them and keep them alive.

Here are 5 genius ideas for you to decorate your home with plants.

Don’t Just Put One Lonely Plant in A Corner 

A single plant sadly sitting in the corner of your room is not going to cut it. You are putting plants in your room to make it look lively and green, not sad. You need to look for an indoor garden effect. For that, you need to start getting indoor planters with your west elm discount code so that you have something to put the new plants in. Start with getting planters in multiple sizes. Some can be huge, some can be tiny, but you need to make sure you have a variety. Try to get a couple in different styles so that your touch green in your room can be stylish too!

Hanging Planters Are an Option as Well

You can be adventurous when you are shopping for planters with a west elm discount code. A hanging planter can be a great addition to your room if you have a very modern decorative eye. This is a hipster trend that picked up and now you will find hanging planters in many homes. This is a bohemian style that looks great with a monochromatic theme. Plus, this is the kind of a plants home décor idea that does not require a lot of maintenance. So, if you are generally lazy, just pick some faux plants, add them to your hanging planter and enjoy looking at your awesome home décor.

Look for Something Pretty and Modern

Pretty pots and planters are a great way to add a touch of modernity and pretty to your room. While some people look for rustic and trendy planters because that is all they have at the stores near them. If you have a west elm discount code,you will not have to worry about that. You can easily find ceramic pots, metal planters, terracotta planters, wood planters, totem planters, wood and glass terrariums, marble tablescapes and more at West Elm. All you have to do is purchase the ones that catch your eye and know will look great with your home or room décor.

Try Planting Just Branches

Nobody told you to put in a whole bunch of plants in your room and make a jungle out of it. You can be minimal with your plant décor and only put a single branch in a pretty, clear vase you got with a west elm discount code. It is a nice way to bring in greenery into your room, make it look modern and make it look chic at the same time. It can look like a mini tree to bring some vibrancy back into the interior. Of course, you have the choice of adding in something faux so that you don’t have too much maintenance and all you need to do is dust it frequently.

Get a Bench for Your Planters

You don’t have to just pick a corner for your planters and plants. You certainly don’t need to put your plants on the center table in your living room. You can get a bench or flat surface, push it to the central wall of your room and add your planters there. Your indoor plants bought with your west elm discount code will look exceptionally well that way. They will become a focal point of the décor this way and become a form of glory for you. You will enjoy the little bright spot in your room that just oozes life and vibrancy for you to enjoy.

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