7 Ways to make hands soft and youthful


7 Ways to make hands soft and youthful

Often you will find your hands having a rough and scaly appearance. It appears especially on top of the hand, around the nails, and at the edges of th

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Often you will find your hands having a rough and scaly appearance. It appears especially on top of the hand, around the nails, and at the edges of the palm. There are several reasons for which one can experience dry, scaly skin with or without cracks. If the issue prolongs for a long time, it changes the skin’s texture and your hand will feel rougher and prickly. 

For this reason, everyone needs to take care of their hands with the right steps. This is because dry and rough skin can lead to several skin diseases like Eczema, rashes, and other dermal problems. In this article, we will discuss some of the major ways by which you can smoothen the skin of your hands and remove the scales or prickly feeling.

Causes of rough skin on hands and fingers

Before discussing the methods to make your hands feel soft and smooth, we would like to discuss the causes for which the skin around your hand and fingers become rougher and hard.

  • Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays- Exposing the hands to the sun’s UV rays for a long time can make the skin rough over time
  • Using powder detergents frequently– Using powder detergents or hard soaps frequently will affect the skin and make it rougher.
  • Not using moisturizers more often- If you have naturally dry skin but don’t use any kind of moisturizer, you will soon see cracks developing in your hand. 
  • Too much manual labour– Sometimes, when you are using naked hands for gardening or other such works, your hands will feel rougher on the top surface. 

Top ways to make the skin texture smooth and beautiful in your hands

Since now you are aware of the prime causes of having rough hands, it’s time to start talking about the main highlights of this discussion. 

Use moisturizers to keep the skin supple and hydrated 

One of the most common ways for keeping the hand supple and soft is by using moisturizers. You can either go with the dermatologist prescribed moisturizers or the normal cosmetic ones. 

Body moisturizers usually have a wide range of components that will help in hydrating your skin cells and lock the moisture for eliminating roughness from the skin surface. Some of the major moisturizing ingredients which will help in improving your hand’s skin texture are: 

  • Peach butter
  • Cocoa butter 
  • Coconut oil
  • Almond milk
  • Honey
  • Aloe vera
  • Honey 
  • Hyaluronic acid 

Avoid using soap and powdered detergents 

Usually, soaps and powdered detergents that people use regularly have chemical compounds. Exposure to these can reduce the moisture content from the skin cells. Since the cells are deprived of moisture, your hand’s surface will automatically feel dry and rough. Prolonged use of such products will cause the skin to form cracks or peels. That’s why you need to stop using such soaps and powdered detergents. You can also look for professional manicure services to improve the skin around your fingers and nails. 

Wear gloves while gardening or washing something 

Another way in which you can prevent your hands from drying or becoming rougher is by using a pair of rubber gloves. These gloves are quite thick which is why they will be able to prevent dirt and dust from coming in contact with your hands. This will prevent further drying of your hands. However, using a pair of rubber gloves won’t reduce the scales or peels in your hand. 

Protect your hand’s skin from direct sun rays 

If you have to work in the open sun for too long or your hand is exposed to harmful UV radiations, your hand will suffer a lot. These radiations not only damage the topmost skin tissue later but also darken the skin. You should apply SPF body sunscreen lotion first. You can even wear gloves while working under the sun to keep the skin safe and soft. 

Use natural moisturizers overnight for deep hydration

If normal use of moisturizers is not working for your skin issues, it will be best to natural moisturizing elements and leave them on your skin for the entire night. Hydrating compounds from these moisturizers will seep through your skin cells and make the dermal layers soft and supple from within. You can wrap a cloth around your hand or wear gloves to increase the temperature. The heat will increase the absorption rate of all hydrating components to ensure that your hand feels smooth and hydrated over time. 

Reduce stress and depression  

Out of all factors that can affect your skin’s health, it is the stress and depression which is considered to be the most dangerous causative factor. That’s why if you want to reduce the roughness in your hands and make them look beautiful, you need to work on alleviating the stress levels. As you will get better sleep, your stress levels would reduce. Plus, the skin will remain healthy without any kind of issue appearing in your hands. 

Exfoliate the skin on your hands and around the fingers

Lastly, you need to work on exfoliating the skin using scrubbers and natural exfoliators to unclog the pores and make your skin more breathable. This will further boost your blood circulation. For a professional treatment, you can avail online parlour booking facilities to book a slot for exfoliation and massage. 


In the above section, we have e discussed several ways by which you can reduce the roughness from your hands and make the skin smoother and look more beautiful. So, do not make any delay and immediately start practising any of the above-mentioned ways to improve the looks and feel of your hands.