You Should Know Which Type Of Cosmetic Packaging Women Prefer?

The cosmetic industry is one of the most grown industries in the world. This specific industry serves several products, which are used for the body nourishment and also to enhance the outlook, appearance, and the visual appeal of a person. The several products for the nourishment of the body include the most used item, soap. The basic purpose of using this product is to remove dirt and bacteria from the body, which serve as nourishment. There are several other products other than soaps like shampoos, conditioners, lotions, creams, etc.

Other than the nourishment products, these industries also offer makeup and its accessories. Thousands of products by different brands increase the competition in the market. There are several items by different brands, which include base, foundation, mascara, nail polish, lipstick, lip balm, and several other makeup items.

In the 21st century, most of the leading makeup brands target both men and women for the sale of all these items. In the old times, these products were known to be gender-oriented and were used mostly by girls and women. Times change and with time, the trends too.

The kind of makeup used by women and men still differ, and so does their packaging. The cosmetic boxes come in many types, it is important to know the kind of packaging men, and women like to increase the sales of cosmetic products.

The main aim of this section is to know about the kind of packaging and the details on it for cosmetics that women prefer the most. Women mostly tend to notice the minor details in the packaging. These minor details include several things, but the first of all the things that women prefer is the visual vocabulary of the product’s packaging.

The visual vocabulary

The visual vocabulary mostly consists of four major details. These details, in order, are the first things that women tend to notice and get attracted to, in the custom printed cosmetic boxes.

The order of these details are as follows:

  1. Colors
  2. Shapes
  3. Symbols
  4. Words

1)    The color factor

The color of the packaging matter a lot for women. No one would like to buy an eyeshade of different colors with the kind of boxing, which includes all the dull colors. Know that women like colors, which are appealing and reflect the kind of product that the packaging holds. Therefore, women mostly prefer using bright and shocking colors, which resonate with the product.

2)    The shape factor

The shape of a product packaging is the second thing that women notice while shopping for their favorite items of cosmetics. A bottle of a moisturizer that is very simple and plain will never attract women towards itself. Designing bottles, cases, tubes, and every other item while thinking about the target market is the only way to attract maximum buyers towards the product.

Women prefer the shapes of their Custom Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale, which stand out from the common ones. The kind of shapes that look expensive, the kind of shapes that are compact, the kind of shapes that can be carried easily while going on a vacation, and the kind of shapes that fit their handbags.

3)    Importance of symbols

Women tend to dig the kind of packaging that supports the environment and is made without harming the environment. The animal safety insurance symbols of PETA bunny and LEAPING bunny ensure that no animals were harm during the production of a product or the packaging of it. Moreover, the green dot indicates the product is environmentally friendly.

4)    Words

The words on the packaging play an important role in the attraction of customers, mostly women, towards the brand and the product. These words include the tagline and the description of the product. The clearer the goal of a brand, the clearer will be the description of the packaging.

After getting attracted by the colors, shapes, and symbols on the packaging, the words will either induce the buying decision or neglect it. Therefore, taglines and the description on the packaging with clear fonts is a notable reason for attraction for the women.

Women mostly prefer the custom cosmetic boxes USA of luxury and premium quality, with all of the above factors. These luxury packagings include the ones with silk, leather, and fur coating on the boxes of items.


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