Trick Out Your Glock with These Top MCK Accessories

Glocks are incredibly popular handguns. They are light, durable, affordable, and reliable. They were among the first handguns to be mass-produced using polymers instead of steel, and although the general populace was skeptical at first, their durability and ease of operation have won the day. Suffice it to say they are some of the most popular privately owned handguns in the country, if not the world.

Manufacturers have been quick to capitalize on this popularity. Case in point: MCKs or Micro Conversion Kits, which convert popular models of Glock handguns (like the Glock 17, Glock 19, and Glock 22) into ultrastable, highly versatile platforms more reminiscent of an MSR than a pistol.

With tons of rail space and plenty of room for improvement, a Micro Conversion Kit (or MCK) is a blank canvas that you can turn into a custom weapon. Here are some of our top MCK accessories.

1.CAA Micro Red Dot Sight Crimson Trace (4 MOA)
With your handgun nestled under the MCK, you’re going to need a replacement for your sights, and the CAA Micro Red Dot Sight is ideal. Capable of 4 MOA accuracy, this red dot sight (which produces both red and green dots) enables lightning-quick target acquisition and a clear sight picture for fast, accurate, reflexive shooting and rapid follow-up shots. It’s also built tough. Made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, it’s resistant to recoil, shock, dust, impact, and even fog.

2.MCKL Integral Front Laser (Red and Green models available)
Sometimes laser sights have a real advantage over iron sights and even optics like red dot sights. They enable the quickest target acquisition of all as well as instinctual reflexive shooting. Best of all, mount errors are no problems with a laser sight – you just point and shoot. This laser is custom made to provide this shooter-friendly functionality to owners of Micro Conversion Kits. best of all, you don’t need to sacrifice other optics to include this in your build.

3.MCK Flip-Up Sights
While other sights and optics have their draw, no option is as reliable as iron sights. With MCK flip-up sights, you can have the best of both worlds – at the range or in competition. These mount easily to the Pic rails of MCKs and are adjustable for windage. Pair them with an MCK that’s also outfitted with laser sights and has two failsafe sighting options for CQB encounters.

4.MCK Integral Front Flashlight
Your sights and optics are not going to be of much use if you can’t see your target. An integral flashlight for your MCK is a vital tactical accessory that will literally prevent you from being “caught in the dark.” Mount one of these 500-lumen integral flashlights to your MCK and be better prepared for things that go bump in the night.

5.MCK Bipod
A bipod is a bit of a niche product for an MCK, but there is a real difference between shooting offhand and shooting from a stable platform. If there is an element of scoring or of distance in your shooting discipline, then a bipod is a practical accessory for your MCK.

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