Top 3 Signs Your Marriage is Falling Apart

Have you just gotten married or been married for quite some time now, but things aren’t the way they once were?

Do you feel that the differences between you and your partner are irreconcilable to the point that divorce seems the only logical option for you?

Marriages don’t always work as our life isn’t always as easy and comfortable as it seems, especially when we are in love.

Here are three tell-tale signs that your marriage is falling apart:

The Sexual Spark is Gone!

A very common sign that your marriage is falling apart is that the spark is gone. The fading away of sexual desire is a natural aspect of every marriage; however, the spark last till later. In other words, in the first years of the marriage, the sexual desire is quite strong.

If this doesn’t seem to be the case between you and your partner, the marriage might be falling apart. The good news is that couples can work through it and re-ignite their sexual desire for one another. However, when a partner acts sexually and physically available or disinterested most of the time, then it is a red flag for a troubled marriage.

If you still want things to work out, you might opt for Marriage counseling and see whether things can improve or not.  

You Are Irritated

All couples quarrel – this is just part of the marriage contract. However, there is a difference between healthy quarrels and having a constant feeling of anger and irritability towards your spouse. If you frequently feel angry at your partner, it is an indicator of unresolved issues that need to be addressed before things go through the roof and one person leaves the other.

You might think of continuous anger as a strong signal that internal and external issues in your marriage haven’t been addressed properly. The thing about continuous anger and any other negative feeling is that these need to be addressed properly instead of getting shoved underneath the carpet; this negativity can lead to mental, emotional, and physical abuse.

Instead of harboring grudges and keeping unresolved issues and emotions to yourself, you can establish the rule of never going angry to bed.

Both – you and your partner must ensure that open and clear communication exists from the very start of the marriage. If couple therapy doesn’t work and your partner acts openly abusive, it might be better for both of you if you would leave each other for good.

Lack of Trust and Respect

No relationship can survive without trust and respect. That said, if one partner or the other doesn’t respect or trust, it can become big trouble in the marriage. Usually, a lack of trust and respect leads to a struggle to control the partner, which gives rise to other conflicts, and the relationship can become very toxic to the point of serious abuse.

If both are willing to work and make serious changes to their habits while rebuilding a strong foundation, the marriage can survive; else, it is as good as over. 

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