The types of Divination you need to Be aware of

Divination is the act of seeking out knowledge through the supernatural (some might call it psychic) is a term used to describe. Its literal definition is “to let the divine realm manifest.”

The cultures of all time have employed a variety of methods to forecast the future, acquire knowledge and understanding as well as to communicate with the realms that transcend physical in order to gain a better perspective on the present.

Modern-day psychics or diviners, holy persons and holy ones of all kinds still employ traditional and modern divination techniques for a glimpse into the invisible realms.

They each have their own ways to communicate information between dimensions but the one thing they share is the fact that they’re merely instruments in the same way that a phone is a device to transfer messages between people living in remote areas.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are among the most well-known and widely employed divining tools of the present day. It falls under the category of divination that is known as cartomancy (divining through cards).

Its origins date back to the middle ages of Europe Tarot cards were initially an old-fashioned game of cards that later evolved into a method of divination. It functions by reflecting the energy of the person who is reading the cards.

The reader is asked a question (it should not be a “yes” or no answer) and the reader then lays the cards on the table in a specific arrangement (and there are many patterns depending on the kind of the reading).

Which cards are in which position and whether or not they’re upside down determines the way in which they will be read.

A skilled reader of the Tarot will be able to discern subtle nuances within the meaning of the images. For instance the Death card may not necessarily mean that someone will die, but it can suggest something more like a personal change.

 Astrology: There are many kinds of Astrology.

The most popular are Western Astrology as well as Chinese astrology. The term “astrology” is derived from the Greek words “astron” (meaning star) and “logos” (to study).

It is the science of studying the location that celestial objects and stars are at any time as well as their connection to and influence on our lives.

The majority of people have heard of Astrology in the form of daily horoscopes. However, there’s more to understanding Astrology than it appears.

The starting point for any astrological reading for you is the chart of your birth. It displays where celestial bodies of interest were at the date when you were born.

The sun sign could be the most dominant force in your life, however the location of the moon, as well as the planets and stars reveal significant patterns of energy which can affect the traits that the sun’s sign has.

This is the reason it’s crucial to get a natal chart in case you plan to take an astrology reading. And any professional astrologer can tell you this.


Also known as chiromancy the practice of hand reading is among the oldest methods of divination. There is debate over how accurate palmistry can be considered an effective method for fortune-telling divination.

Although it is more of a method of analysis of one’s personality however, there are certain elements through which palmists can forecast the future.

Contrary to what many believe, palmistry is more than just analyzing the lines of the palm. The palm reader also looks at things like hair growth, fingernails and the texture and color on the face.

Classical palmistry has its origins in the past in Greece. The dominant hand can convey certain significances, while the hands that are not dominant can convey a different meaning one, and it is based on the school of palmistry one is taught.

The most commonly used components of a reading of the palm are studying the life line along with the heart line as well as the head line. These are the three dominant lines of the palm.