The Component Libraries of React Native that You Should Know

Mobile, today has become an inseparable part of the daily life of human beings and all of their work is managed through various applications available on their mobile. And this is the reason that most businesspeople are moving towards the development of mobile applications, and this enables the developers and programmers to use their full capacity to bring revolution in the application development industry. With time, new technologies, frameworks, and platforms keep on getting introduced which makes it more advanced. 

Also, people today use different devices which are based on different platforms, but they want the convenience of operating their apps on all the platforms with that comfort and ease as with their original device. This is why cross-platform app development has gained unbeatable popularity. And React Native is the most popular platform used for developing cross-platform applications. This is the reason companies have started to Hire Full Time Developers who have indepth knowledge of various web and app technologies.

Now, with the growing popularity of React Native platform, React Native App Development Company has started getting adaptation in the community. It was actually developed by Facebook in order to reduce the cost of developing mobile applications but today it is considered one of the best platforms for cross-platform mobile applications. Now, there are several reasons behind its popularity, among them one reason is ready-made UI components and libraries. As these are open-source as well as free, they help to develop the applications in a short time.

Also, the use of different components and libraries makes the applications more attractive which ultimately helps in high user engagement. So, let’s now discuss the major UI component Libraries of React Native which everyone should be aware of as these should be widely used by the developers and programmers to get the best of mobile apps in the shortest of time.

The Important Component Libraries of React Native:

Now, below we will list down some of the best and most important component libraries of React Native which helps to enhance the quality of the applications being developed for any of the platforms. These libraries are given below:


This library is basically used by those developers who love simple and easy designs as Teaset offers around 20+ original components of JavaScript ES6s. This library is also considered the best option for new and budding developers and designers. Some of its key features are mentioned here:

1)Stepper, TabView, Badges, and DrawView are some of the useful modules of Teaset

2)Library supports Redux and this library uses JavaScript as the primary language used in the component

3)Supports some of the typical components like Input and CheckBox

4)The main goal here is to focus on the content of the mobile application rather than the design of the same.


It is another open-source library of React native which was originally developed by Airbnb and is used for creating some beautiful animations. It also offers some of the feature’s animations and that too for free for both iOS and Android applications. Java, JavaScript, C#Swift, Objective-C, Ruby, and Starlark are some of the common languages which are used in this component. Some other key features are:

1)Here the animation files are really small in size which does not impact the performance of the application.

2)Overall it helps in beautifying your UI and making your application look more appealing.

3)It has almost 12k stars and 1.2k forks. It helps the developers to create different and numerous animations which help to modify the app in a positive way.

4)The designers and programmers are able to create and actually move the animations without any support from respective engineers.

5)It supports the process of exporting the animation files in JSON format.

c)React Native Elements

It is such a component library that consists of several contributed elements and supports to create the customized themes. It includes several elements like avatars, pricing, divider, star ratings, badges, overlay, social icon buttons. Some other features of React Native elements are given below:

1)It uses TypeScript language

2)It stores all the elements in the central server and that is why making any changes over here is not very complex but actually effortless.

3)It offers more than 30 components that support the consistent designing of the applications based on iOS, Android, and others.

4)Despite supporting various themes, it also offers paid templates that can be consumed, and ultimately it helps to reduce the overall development time of the application.

d)Native Base

It is considered one of the best options for beginners. It consists of almost 40 components which include spinners, menus, action sheets, breadcrumbs, popovers, and many more. This overall helps to develop the native look for the applications. Some other features of Native Base are given below:

1)It is very helpful to create and maintain a stable design and that too for both mobile as well as web platforms.

2)It also provides a tailored list of elements for React Native UI development.

3)Theme Ability is one of the core elements of Native Base which helps one to give a personalized look to the application using different themes and styles of components.

4)As it is very compatible with Utility Props, one is able to build the customized UI components and that too without compromising with the quality and dealing with any kind of complexity.

5)An accessible design system in the least possible time is made possible through React Native ARIA.

e)React Native Camera

It is one of the great libraries of React Native which helps to communicate easily with the device camera. Developers do not need to think twice about the native code to use some of the very easy functions. Some of the features supported by this library are Face identification, Barcode scanning, text recognition, Photographs, and Videos for both platforms, iOS, and Android.

f)UI Kitten

It is another component of the React Native library which is based on the Eva Design System and supports more than 400 icons. It helps to create and support the customized themes which are as per the requirement of the customer. It also allows you to extend or use two default visual themes as well. It helps to create different kinds of apps which includes an e-commerce app, a chat app, an app for social media management, and many more. UI Kitten has almost 300 users. Some of the other features of UI Kitten are listed below:

1)The theme can be changed even during the runtime without the need for reloading of the application.

2) Themes-based design can be used to develop some really amazing applications for mobile and web applications.

3)The atomic component of this library also helps to create a stable and consistent application.

4)It is among one of the few libraries which supports the right to left writing system for all the respective components.


The above points have given enough idea about the different and important libraries offered by React Native and how it contributes to developing an amazing application for mobile as well as web. It is an awesome way to build some really creative and superb UI for getting the customers engaged and making them spend some more time on the app. So, now you know what the important and fruitful libraries are so go ahead and develop the app.